2 factors for a godly life

“Great blessings belong to those who don’t listen to evil advice, who don’t live like sinners, and who don’t join those who make fun of God.

Instead, they love the LORD’S teachings and think about them day and night.

So they grow strong, like a tree planted by a stream– a tree that produces fruit when it should and has leaves that never fall. Everything they do is successful”.


In the first chapter of the book of Psalms, the Psalmist made a clear distinction between the godly and ungodly. He did this on the basis of association and meditation.


Psalm 1:1 gives a breakdown of the type of association that the godly should have. Having the right association is important in the life of the Christian. Apostle Paul in 1Cor 15:33 said don’t be fooled: “Bad friends will ruin good habits.”

Some say ‘it doesn’t matter’, dear friend, it does! Your association is an important factor for growth as a Christian, because – “as one piece of iron sharpens another, so friends keep each other sharp” Proverbs 27:17.

Associate yourself with people that will inspire and challenge you to great heights in God.


Another important factor is the focus and delight of your heart.

What’s your meditation, what are your predominant thoughts, do the things of God inspire you, what catches your fancy?

“Always remember what is written in that book of law. Speak about that book and study it day and night. Then you can be sure to obey what is written there. If you do this, you will be wise and successful in everything you do” Josh. 1:8

What attracts a man most times is a reflection of the state of his mind.

Whatever comes into you, and you process well enough will be expressed through you someday. So flood your heart/mind with the right substance, guard your heart from the wrong data, Yes! Guard against information that can pollute the state of your mind because your mind will always find a way to express itself by actions.

The bible makes this fact clear in Proverbs 4:23 – “Above all, be careful what you think because your thoughts control your life”. No wonder the need for a model for our thoughts- “My friends, fill your minds with those things that are good and that deserve praise: things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, and honorable” Phil. 4:8

Take charge of your mind, don’t let it slip into thinking and pondering on ungodly thoughts. Negative thoughts have an effect on you, “all these evil things come from inside you and make you unclean” Mark 7:23.

Dear friend, if you’ll associate with the right people, and keep your mind focused on things that edify in Christ, with God’s help, I bet you’ll do just fine.

Remember this, your thoughts will influence your actions. 

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Ozioma Michaels

Mike is passionate about helping people know the truth, understand why they should believe and practice it in all areas of their personal lives; thereby living out their faith in Christ. His favourite word is ‘conviction’

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  1. Adedoyin
    July 26, 2016 at 3:36 pm

    Oh wow! This is really insightful. I’m reflecting on my life now

    • Mike Ukegbu
      Mike Ukegbu
      August 4, 2016 at 7:40 am

      I’m glad it is insightful, Glory be to God… Thanks for your comment Adedoyin

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