34 Shortcuts that will actually save you time


A successful life is an efficient life. To be more efficient, we must maximise our time.
Most of us use Microsoft Word for everyday tasks and assignments, so I compiled a list of Shortcut keys that I actually use and NEED every day.
Of course, not all shortcuts are short or even useful; that is why I focused on these. Let me know if you find them useful in the comment boxes below. Don’t worry, I’m aware that you already know Ctrl + Z and Ctrl + Y 🙂
1. Ctrl + Backspace Deletes one word to the left
2. Ctrl + Delete Deletes one word to the right
3. Ctrl + Arrow Left Moves one word to the left
4. Ctrl + Arrow Right Moves one word to the right
5. Ctrl + Arrow Up Moves one paragraph up
6. Ctrl + Arrow Down Moves one paragraph down
7. Tab Moves one cell to the right (in a table)
8. Shift + Tab Moves one cell to the left (in a table)
9. Shift + F5 Moves to a previous revision
10. Shift + F3 Changes the case of letters
11. Ctrl + Shift + A Formats all letters as capitals
12. Ctrl + Shift + D Double-underline text
13. Ctrl + Home Goes to beginning of a document
14. Ctrl + End Goes to end of a document
15. Ctrl + Shift + Decreases font size by one value
16. Ctrl + Shift + > Increases font size by one value
17. Ctrl + [ Increases the font size by 1 point
18. Ctrl + ] Decreases the font size by 1 point
19. Ctrl + O Opens any document already stored on your computer
20. Ctrl + N Creates a new document of the same type as the most recent document
21. Ctrl + W Closes a document
22. Ctrl + H  Replaces text, specific formatting, and special items
23. Ctrl + G Goes to a page, bookmark, footnote, comment,  or other location
24. Ctrl + K Inserts a hyperlink
25. Ctrl + 1 Sets single-space lines
26. Ctrl + 2 Sets double-space lines
27. Ctrl + 5 Sets 1.5-space lines
28. Ctrl + D Opens the Font dialog box to change the formatting of characters. Ctrl+Shift+F works too
29. While Ctrl + V Pastes text or an object, Ctrl+Alt+V Pastes special and Ctrl+Shift+V Pastes formatting only
30. Ctrl + Shift + G Opens the Word Count dialog box (Very useful for writers)
31. Alt + Ctrl + I Switch in or out of print preview
32. Alt + Ctrl + M Insert a comment
33. Alt + F  Opens the office button and shows you the next key to press for an action e.g. Alt+F+A – Save As
34. Alt shows you how to navigate tabs inside your document e.g. Alt+R reveals the Review tab
Remembering the shortcuts may seem difficult at first but practicing them will be rewarding and time-saving eventually. Why not test some of them right now? Better still, copy and paste this post into a Sticky Note on your computer. Remember to let me know if they are of any use. Let me hear from you, please place your comments in the box below.

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