5 Things I learnt from NFS


It had been six long months of research, reading and writing academic papers. I just needed a break, I kind of wanted something less tasking and would sort of give me some relief.

I didn’t find movies on my PC, I apparently deleted them while freeing up space for the huge data I had been working with. I stumbled of this game I had not played in 3 long years… Need for Speed Most Wanted.  I clearly remember my roommate back in school would spend late nights playing this game. Out of curiosity, I asked him to let me have it… And there it was, three years after.

I actually gleaned a lot from my NFS experience. I’ll share a couple of them with you.

lessons from car race

1. The GPS will lead you just about anywhere on the map- This comes handy when you have to evade a chase by the cops especially having completed the milestones.

Lesson learnt: regardless of how complex life gets, anything outstanding is still possible if you’d patiently choose to carefully go through the processes and learn what’s required. It’s easy to get discouraged and feel the challenges one is faced with are bigger than what they really are. What’s required at such a times is to identify what the problem really is and logically give a sequence to come through it and follow through till it’s done.

2. You’re not out of the game until you totally quit (mind you, even the tough opponents make mistakes). Most times you are tempted to believe- having watched a demo, that the Blacklist racers are flawless and would give you a tough time racing them. If you’re wondering who the Blacklist racers are, I’d tell you… There are fifteen racers, believed to the best in Rockport, you’re expected to race all 15 of them and reclaim your stolen car having stepped into the city as a naive racer (with the very best of them, a BMW M6 ). After defeating each blacklist driver, you would be given a preview demo showing you how flawless the next opponent would be. You’d be told his strengths, the make of his ride and his records (more or less the things he has to brag about).

Having defeated 14 of the 15 racers (I intend to defeat all 15 too), I got to know these Blacklist drivers make some mistakes too. They could run into oncoming vehicles just a few meters to the finish line. But what if I had quit the race immediately my GPS told me I was behind by a thousand meters? I wouldn’t have won the race.

Lesson learnteach time you quit before the race ends, you just lost a chance to win.       

3. You can always be better at whatever you set your heart to accomplish. Within the race, each time I was defeated, I would drive off to the car shop and upgrade my ride- the engine, the nitrous boost, the transmission, the suspension, tires, the supercharger and the likes. After each upgrade, my chances of beating my opponents are enhanced.

Lesson learnt: If you won’t stop improving yourself, you increase your opportunity of winning by a great margin. 

4. Sometimes it’s okay to run the race a few more times: Believe me, driving through those race tracks for the first time could mean you wouldn’t win. The peculiarities of each race might require you run the same race severally to arrive at winning and unlocking more upgrades.

Lesson learnt: courage to pull through disappointing situations and not lose steam or enthusiasm is a key factor for success.

If your last relationship failed because you didn’t respond to issues well or for whatever reason. Sit still, itemize what you did wrong… Did you opt into it without proper preparations? Did you make your preparations hastily? Having outlined what you did wrong, seek to patiently make the required changes and take another BOLD step.

5. Don’t assume: watch the demo, read up all you can. A simple extra piece of information can change a WHOLE lot.

I only got to realize that changing the colour of my ride would reduce the heat level in the cops chase. If you’re wondering what that is, I’d tell you… Even after you evade a high pursuit by the cops, your details still appear on the police database (the color of the car inclusive). Therefore, if the cops deployed in the last pursuit were Level 5 cops, they’d come after you when next you hit the race tracks. This means the chances of evading subsequent pursuits keep decreasing each time with the heat level rising.

Interestingly, I got to read that by repainting the car, the heat level drops significantly. A simple tip as this is the reason I’m faced up next with  blacklist #1, Razor.

Assumption has been described to be the lowest form of knowledge. Assuming you are abreast of the facts could have grave consequences if you aren’t careful to study the instructions.

Someway, I have been able to share a few lessons I have gleaned from JUST  playing a video game. With the hopes of having a good time, I gleaned much more than I bargained for in a video game… Life could really be interesting!

Plus, I hope to beat Blacklist #1, Razor in a few days!


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