A spiritual network- why?

I became ‘serious’ with the Holy Spirit in the first quarter of 2010- after some rather fascinating sets of sequential events everyday for several weeks. I had been saved before then, but I just remained casual. Nothing out of the norm was happening. I knew something was wrong, but since I couldn’t place it, I continued living my life normally.


During the periods of the fascinating events (which I will share some other time), I was in the company of a few godly friends. Together, we nurtured each other’s growth processes with the Holy Spirit. We had discussions from time to time- which most times led into long hours of prayers and intense worship…Almost every day, we ate together and laughed hard most evenings as we recounted our experiences. This network became a hub for us to grow in our drive for intimacy with the Holy Spirit.

Study Network

Dear friend, you need someone, some people, a strong network of persons who have a passion to grow in intimacy with the Holy Spirit. With this also, you can be sure to have encouragement that you’re not alone in your push towards more depths in God.


I must also mention that not everyone is really as passionate about growing in the knowledge and revelation of God as you may have decided- so if you are blessed to have such a network (and I encourage you to do so) you will be the better for it- I encourage you to value such friendships and accept them with open arms. You’ll find such kinds of relationships in your volunteer teams in church, your music classes, and so on- as you make your desire to have such relationships known to the Holy Spirit.


Physically judging the environment, my National Youth Service posting was not meant to be as exciting as it ended up…considering the discouraging factors I saw with my physical eyes. However, God gave me the gift of a new set of friends- just two of them- who made a world of difference; these were people with whom I could share how I felt. Together we could pray and take long walks as we continually expressed our desires for more of God.


Your spiritual journey was never meant to be done alone- you need people of like-minds who together, you can power the process and enjoy every bit of the growth phases into God.


In my next post, I’ll discuss briefly a most valuable heart posture you must maintain on your path to a thriving relationship with the Holy Spirit.


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Toluwalope Oresanya

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  1. Kehinde
    September 16, 2016 at 7:04 pm

    Thank you so much for this! God enrich you more.

    • Tolu Oresanya
      September 20, 2016 at 10:05 am

      Amen…Am glad you were blessed Kehinde.

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