Oh arm of the LORD awake!

Oh strength of the ALMIGHTY arise!

It’s been a time your glory fell. Your power rained. Your Spirit blazed

The land is thirsty

The saints mourn for righteousness. Holiness flounders in potency

Pour as in the ancient days. Wound the dragon!

Rain as in the generations of old. Cut Rahab!

Dry water of the great deep

Let there be a moral quickening of our souls and a great spiritual awakening of our land

You poured extravagantly on Pentecost. You revitalized graciously in Azusa. LORD, do it again!

         The previous rain is languished

All left is extraordinarily dull and trashy religion

A refreshing from above we plead. A sweeping revival we pray

Shape our amorphous hearts. Salinate our jejune love. Expurgate our ignominious passion

And rain on us


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Yemi Adekunle

Yemi Adekunle is a teacher and a prolific writer who is passionate for purposeful living and excellence. He shares biblical inspirational insights with youths and goal-driven individuals. He has earned a degree from the Nation's Premier University, University of Ibadan where he graduated with distinction in Pharmacy. Yemi also keeps a watchful eye on humanitarian needs, community development and youth work through a non-profit organization where he serves as a project coordinator

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