Become Malleable

One Bible character that catches my attention frequently is David how that despite being in the old covenant, He was able to see the Grace of God and walk in depths of intimacy with God He ‘traversed’ between spiritual offices as a prophet, a king, a priest, a warrior, a poet, a Psalmist- name it, Just one man!


I would want to believe that there were key secrets to his walk with the Holy Spirit. One of them was his decision to be malleable- that contrite and broken heart that accepts correction whenever he was nudged of his misdeeds.


There’s nothing wrong with putting up a bold face, but when it comes to relating with the Holy Spirit, you need to guard down and become malleable. This should happen not only when he nudges you of wrong but when He needs you to UNLEARN what you have always thought was right and the ONLY WAY…


The Holy Spirit took me on a journey that rattled my theology: He changed my paradigm and challenged everything I ever thought was the ONLY way, it was not funny as I was literally changing. I was loosing full grip of who I was and had always known myself to be, but the trust I have in the Holy Spirit would not let me turn back. I fought hard to hold on to what I knew, but HE, in His might conquered me and finally, I resolved to UNLEARN those things I was taught and always perceived to be right. In the end, I had to become as a Child…


The new posture I took demanded my leaning totally on the Holy Spirit to teach me new things from His Word, and in a few months after this decision, I was gaining muscles, the flesh was coming and I was pulling things with my new found strength. All because I was conquered and made malleable.


teachableThe Holy Spirit hardly ever forces things, an you, if you really want to go far with Him and become fitting in his plans, choose to be flexible and malleable in His hand, and not long from now, it would be obvious to all who knew you that a new life operates within you.


Becoming malleable is sacrosanct to spiritual buoyancy.


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