There seems to be that temptation time and again to fall into a certain mould, fit into that ‘template that God approves of…’ I’m talking about that desire to always play safe into God’s hands, trying to maintain ‘your’ reputation before Him, I could say, tryin’ not to step on God’s toes. However, I put it to you that always trying to fit into such imaginary templates could weaken your relationship with Him.

Our walk of faith is not a religion, it’s a life and the things we do are meant to be outward expressions of this inner life. ‘Christianity’ (and I needed to put this in quote, ‘cos these days there are beginning to arise several views on what Christianity really is- well that’s a talk for another day) as a Christian, actions are meant to be taken from the standpoint of who you are rather than who you are trying to become. Our walk of faith is premised on who we have become as a result of what someone had done- we are called into a life of inheritance; an adventure into depths and height impossible to fully explore with the limit of human life span!

Don’t forget, there is nothing you could have done (humanly speaking) that could have enabled attain you this current height conferred on you by the works of Christ. Please don’t be caught in the thickets of trying to meet up, fit in or live up to certain standards, it is not required.

You might ask: Does this mean I have the liberty to live as I choose?  Well, No! The reason for this is that the one who paid the price expects you respond to His love, sacrifice and offerings by living your life to please Him. So in the real sense of things, walking with God is a response to His love and not some form of request by a Task master to his slaves who have no rights or power to make choices. Anything done in relation with God should be done with a willing heart and freedom- This is how he expects you to respond to His love.

Don’t be webbed into the mould of trying to do. You are already accepted in the beloved- you just live out your liberty and respond to His sacrificial love by living for Him- isn’t that simple enough?

Stop trying to be who you already are!

You’re complete in Him- live out this inner life you carry and bless this world with the deposits of Grace you were wired with.


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Toluwalope Oresanya

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