Wisdom Tip #2

Wisdom Tip #2 – Check what drives you

Different things drive different people. People are motivated by all sorts. Such motivations are evident in their actions, inaction, and reactions to life.

Some act in spontaneity; making right decisions or wrong ones. Some act just to please people, some will do anything to feel among, no matter what it’d cost them.

check what drives you

If you’re driven by the wrong things you’ll get yourself into trouble. Check what drives you.

Have you accumulated much debt because you’ve been trying to live above your means? Living a false life just to prove a point and feel among will make you the architect of your own troubles. It’s okay to aspire for more, but wisdom demands you live within your current means as you trust God and work towards a better life.

Let’s take the temptation of Jesus as an example (Matthew 4:3-7)

Satan said to him “If you are the Son of God, command these stones to become loaves of bread.”

Did Jesus turn those stones to bread? Nope (vs 4). He didn’t heed to the devil’s temptations.

Did he stop being the son of God because He didn’t prove his ‘son-ship’ to the devil? No He did not.

In whatever you do, ask yourself, ‘what’s my motive?’ What do I stand to achieve? Will God be glorified through my action or inaction?

The heavens won’t fall if you don’t drive a certain type of car or wear a certain type of fabric. So why the pressure?

Do not put yourself under unnecessary pressure! , Think well, ask the right questions and sieve through your motives before you act. Don’t buy a car you can’t afford because you want to feel among.

The fact you have a million doesn’t mean you can afford a million. Selah!

Aspiring for greatness is different from coming under undue pressure to be great.

Do you have a mind of your own? Do you have a vision for your own life? Are you driven by the right things or wrong things?

It’s never late to check yourself and get on the right track.

Get it right!


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