So by way of introduction, what is your reality? Sit back and let me lay the background for this question by explaining what I really mean. In my master’s year, while learning the art of doing good research, I came across some research lingo such as ontology and epistemology (Such a mouthful right, let me explain). In the beginning stages of doing research, a researcher has to take a stance on his ontology, which is whatever he considers to be true or to be his reality, and also on his epistemology, how he can gain knowledge of this truth. So ontology is the nature of reality or simply put, the study of what exists, and the epistemology is how to gain knowledge of this reality. I hope you are learning new things already, let us continue the ride.

So one day, I came across the verse in the Bible (John 15:26), that describes the Holy Spirit as the Spirit of Truth and while meditating on it, I caught a revelation. I saw that not only is the Holy Spirit the Spirit of Truth, but He is also the Spirit of Reality. Then it hit me, and I asked myself the same question I asked you at the beginning:


‘What is my reality?’ Now, based on the Bible, there are two ways to view life or let me say, two reality options.  I will call the first option ‘Normal’ and I will call the second option ‘Faith’ and I will explain them one after the other.

The normal approach to life is to live based on your daily life experiences or based on the news headlines. This person’s happiness is determined from their circumstances and his/her hope wavers continuously. For math-inclined students, it is a life that looks a lot like the sine wave – up today, down tomorrow. A philosophy of life for someone who has consciously or unconsciously chosen this reality option would be: ‘sometimes you win, sometimes you lose’. This person lives in a world of uncertainties. Such a person’s reality is whatever happens to them, challenges and all. This person walks by sight and sees to believe. You can tell the reality of such a person by their words, which for the most part are full of complaints or excuses or even bad news.

Now the FAITH      approach to life is way above normal and is to live life according to every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. The life of such a person is a continual feast, in other words, the person’s life can only move upwards and forward in spite of their circumstances. Such person is always filled with hope and speaks faith-filled words with boldness. The Word of God is his/her reality. Such person has big dreams and his or her faith and actions will enable them realise their unseen realities. This person walks by faith and believes to see. This person lives in a world of infinite possibilities. Such a person has big dreams and his or her faith will enable them realise their unseen realities. Things don’t just happen to this person, rather this person makes things happen. You can tell the reality of this type of person by the bold declarations s/he makes and such a person is a perpetual carrier of good news and testimonies.

Now, have you been able to locate yourself and your reality in either one of the two options? I ask again, ‘what is your reality?’ Is your reality what you can see around you, the challenges you are currently facing or is your reality what God has said about you? Are you ‘normal’ or are you full of faith? For me, I have decided to make the Word of God my reality. This is my reality, my truth, the way I view my life and I don’t live based on my happenings. I view my life strictly based on the Word of God (my ontology) and I gain knowledge of this reality by reading my Bible every day (my epistemology).  You have a responsibility to choose your reality and please choose wisely. The ball is in your court.


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Ogechi Ogazi

Ogechi Shalom Ogazi is a young lady who loves God, loves people and loves life. She is passionate about education and she's on a mission to bring quality education to children in hugely undeserved areas. Having obtained her first degree at Covenant University, she is now pursuing her Master's degree in Education Leadership and Management at Manchester Metropolitan University.

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  1. Nina Ramos
    July 6, 2019 at 4:06 pm

    Your words have fed my SOUL today. Thank you for taking the time to share your Inspiration. Clearly Divinely inspired.

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