“Choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God than to enjoy passing pleasures of sin” Hebrews 11:25.

When the consciousness of life’s reality begins to dawn on a young person, he/she thinks choices. All of life is a product of choices we make. God does not predestine anybody for failure, it all boils down to choices individuals make.

There are no bad destinies, but there are bad choices. Choices are unavoidably knitted to life. It is advantageous for young people to make good choices because tomorrow will bear the scars of today caused by youthful ignorance, exuberance and experimentations. Youthfulness is a stage of foundation laying and choice making. Therefore, your youthful age is your useful age. Your choices will either help you to waste or invest it.

I have seen horrible ends of many propitious folks. We need to understand that success and failure receive their fate at the junction of choice because choice dictates what happens in life. Consequences are built into choices – when you choose a road you’ve automatically chosen where it leads to. That is why you must ascertain how your choices will likely end.

Lot was a pretty cool guy whose choices brought him to an atrocious end. The bible made us realize he started well but failed the ‘what choices should I make’ test. He was troubled all his life because of the choice of his youth.

There are two noticeable ruinous factors in Genesis 13:10 &11 that affected Lot’s choices and every man and woman who wants to fulfill God’s purpose should avoid. I choose to talk about these two factors because they are robbing our generation of godly choices so badly. What really informs the choices most young people make? You will agree with me these two factors are not baseless.

1. Sensuousness

One of the enemies of good decisions in life is sight. This singular factor wracked Adam and Eve in Eden. When Lot was to choose where to belong and be separated from Abraham, he focused on what was seen and the immediacy of its benefits. His attention went for the plainness of the land. He saw a greener and well-watered land. Here was the beginning of his sorrow!

You see, in whatever decisions you are about to make whether professional, marital, academic, business, settlement, or ministry, be sure it is also greener on the other side. Never be carried away with what is and forget what can be; see beyond the present. The end of your “plain Jordan” may be a “bloody Sodom”. What Lot saw appealed to his sense of sight. In the final analysis, Lot could see green, well-watered plain but could not see sodomy, wife turned pillar of salt, captivity, cave dwelling and incest.

2. Narcissism

Excessive self love does rob decision of its soundness. It’s worth noting that every life-determining choice made with self-centeredness will have an atom of corruption. Why? Because self is corrupt. Many gentlemen look for features in ladies and not future while cool headed ladies too believe in pulse more than potential. Sight and self are recalcitrant enemies of good choices.

Why can’t you use love as a standard? If your choice is more of love for money, that is evil. If it is more of love for self, that is dangerous. If it is more of love for humanity, that is good. If it is more of love for God, that is excellent.

Get the priority right, friends. A little deviation from what it should be may lead you where you should not be. Wrong priority may cause you sound paralysis. It is impossible to reach the city of destiny without passing the gate of choice. The secret to making best choices in life is the ability to judge the best ends. This is because the end of a thing is better than its beginning.


The possibility of making right choices is a function of what you perceive as the possible end. A biblical guiding principle is to answer the question where or how is it likely to end. Life-definition, and not self-gratification, should be the fulcrum of your choice making. Immediate gratifying choices have a way of wrapping hook in baits to be swallowed by biblically clueless fellows.

There are two extremes to choices according to Hebrews 11:25. These include:

1. Choices to suffer

2. Choices to enjoy

Choices to suffer are those choices that do not yield immediate rewards. Choices made in faith to trust in God. Choices that say, “It is foolishness to outsmart God”. Choices you make when your watchword is righteousness. The ones made out of love for God and humanity. They are made in times of mourning when the obituary of justice and righteousness is all over the places.

On the other hands, choices to enjoy are ephemeral. They are not based on well informed knowledge of the future and its consequences. These choices flash you with immediate benefits. They are made to gratify the flesh and are usually good for food, pleasant to the eyes and make wise. Endurance is usually found wanting in it and ‘Me I no go suffer’ is the song.

Choices made not in agreement with the word of God usually produce bitterness at the end of day. Therefore, allow God to guide you in making your choices. The end of bad choices may be horrible but their occurrence should be preventable.

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Yemi Adekunle

Yemi Adekunle is a teacher and a prolific writer who is passionate for purposeful living and excellence. He shares biblical inspirational insights with youths and goal-driven individuals. He has earned a degree from the Nation's Premier University, University of Ibadan where he graduated with distinction in Pharmacy. Yemi also keeps a watchful eye on humanitarian needs, community development and youth work through a non-profit organization where he serves as a project coordinator

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