Should you count the cost?

A discussion between two folks,

Mr A: Why haven’t you started that project you always talked about?

Mr B: I don’t have the resources to complete the project, so why start, even the bible says “nobody should build without having sufficient funds to complete the building so he doesn’t become a laughing stock”.

Hmmmmm, let’s analyze this statement by ‘Mr B’.

First of all that’s not what the bible says, the scripture being referred to is Luke 14:28-29;

If one of you is planning to build a tower, you sit down first and figure out what it will cost, to see if you have enough money to finish the job. If you don’t, you will not be able to finish the tower after laying the foundation; and all who see what happened will make fun of you, Luke 14:28-29.

In the preceding verse, Jesus was emphasizing the cost of discipleship and used illustrations people could relate with, to drive home the point. He went further to sight an example of a King going to war, and how he has to be sure he has what it takes to triumph in battle before going to war (Luke 14:31-33).

Nothing here suggests that the bible instructs you to relinquish the idea of starting a project (or commencing anything) if you don’t have the means to see it through to completion.

Is it then wrong to count the cost before taking on a project?

No! In fact for proper execution of some projects, planning is critical. Adequate planning can mitigate likely failures and setbacks that may come in the course of executing the project.

Counting the cost would help you see what you can afford and what you can’t, except by supernatural provision.

Supernatural supply can come through promotion (with more benefits), noble ideas that can generate finance, people God can connect you to on your path to achieving your vision, God can lead someone to finance/sponsor you etc.

When I started working, I did a breakdown of my salary based on expenditure and savings. I knew that I couldn’t achieve some short term goals that would require much funding no matter how much I saved from that salary.

At that point, I decided to trust God, and not salary if I ever wanted to meet the set goals. When I did that, supplies came to me outside my salary. God favored me and gave me avenues to earn extra, from which I was able to execute some projects in a short term. There are people who started building, they didn’t have all the funds at startup to see it through to completion. But hey the building was completed after all. Even for some that had all the funds at startup, in the course of execution, inflation set in, prices of materials went up etc. But with persistence and commitment, there’s a complete project to show.

What’s that idea or vision in your heart?

It is okay to count the cost, but don’t be discouraged by the cost, start now and trust God for supernatural provision.

Finally, if the Lord gives you a clear instruction to take a step, then take that bold step. Obey and don’t waste time analyzing and trying to figure it out. As long as you’re sure it’s God’s Spirit leading you, then you have nothing to fear.


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Ozioma Michaels

Mike is passionate about helping people know the truth, understand why they should believe and practice it in all areas of their personal lives; thereby living out their faith in Christ. His favourite word is ‘conviction’

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  1. diya 'layinka
    October 17, 2017 at 7:19 pm

    Great read, quite insightful too. Especially the part about prompt obedience and trust in god.
    God’s blessings sir.

    • Ozioma Michaels
      Ozioma Michaels
      October 18, 2017 at 10:36 pm

      Diya, thank you so much for your feedback. I’m glad you had a great read.

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