What place should determination occupy in success? I think an important place. Why is the eagle’s case different among birds in that it soars in higher altitude? It’s a determination to be different. The younger generations are at disadvantaged because our world is filled with noise, mimics, junks, peer pressures, conformities and imitations. It takes determination to stand for values and virtues to navigate this noisy world. Follow me to this exciting journey as we discover together – determination as a weight of significance.

determined manNo man has ever amounted to anything in life without firm self-determination. The world has witnessed great men and women who made tremendous impact because they all stood on some purposes. But inability to determine and stick to what matters in life will only leave one like a rolling stone that gathers no moss.

Thomas Alexander Lambie was an American-born missionary medical doctor who worked in Sudan, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Palestine. While he was serving in Africa, Dr. Lambie learnt a great lesson of his life from how local people crossed a swift stream. Whenever they wanted to cross the stream, they would carry a big stone on their shoulders as ballasts. This would add to their weight. He discovered that this additional weight helped them from being easily swept under their feet by the swiftly flowing stream.

Life runs in similar way; you’ve got to add a weight of determination to yourself if you don’t want to be easily swept off.

If you are not carrying a weight of determination in an area of life you are prone to directionless drifting. The wave of new happenings can easily rob you of your potentials. Do you know that wind blows away chaff stress-free not wheat? It’s because chaff lacks substance (determination). Unlike leaves and grasses, iron cannot be carried away by wind so cheaply.

People whose circumstances in life find very difficult to pull down are people of determination. Determination gives you stamina. If you’ve been making firm determinations in certain areas of your life, your determinations have been giving you weight all these while. If you give up now, you will be as light as cobwebs. Life is a swift flowing stream; nobody crosses it without carrying a weight of determination – either to do or not to do some things. The villagers that Dr. Lambie met understood this principle.

There were several other people screened to the school of Babylon who didn’t make it to the king’s palace. Daniel and his friends succeeded because of their determination. People who stand before kings and not mere men have resolved in their mind to stand for what they believe. It will only take people with firm resolution to be voices among noises in this our generation.



“But Daniel resolved not to defile himself with the royal food and wine, and he asked the chief official for permission not to defile himself this way”. Daniel 1:8

It starts in the heart

Effective people discovered themselves first in their heart before being celebrated on earth. Daniel resolved in his heart not to defile himself. It all started in the heart. Ideas of great worth that we see in the world today started in the heart of individuals. None started in the classroom. The heart is such a wealthy store where life flows.

The greatest determination is that of accepting the Lordship of Christ, even this must start in the heart.

I made a determination not to be enslaved by the very things that sent my forefathers to captivity, but it was a resolution that took place in the courtroom of my heart. You too can make up your mind today not to defile yourself with peer pressures and societal norms. It will start right in your heart.

It must be followed by action

action-changes-thingsFrom the above scripture, it will be observed that Daniel took action. He didn’t just determine. Action reinforces determination. I once heard American Leadership expert and bestselling author, John C. Maxwell, saying that his father asked him a question about 5 birds that sat on a tree and 4 decided to leave. He asked: How many bird(s) remain? John was shocked to know that the answer was 5 birds. Determination to do doesn’t translate being done. You may sleep and wake up on the nest of determination if you don’t take action it may mean that you’ve done nothing.

Never smell what you will not eat

There is this one thing that makes people’s determination of no effect: Smelling what they have determined not to eat. It is poisonous to determination. The great revivalist John Wesley once advised young pastors to be careful in keeping the company of ladies. You see, John was prophetic. It is disheartening and terribly disgusting today to read in national and international news how ministers of God are falling into fornication. In his book, Finishing Strong, Steve Farrar exposed some astonishing facts about why many ministers/Christians are not finishing strong as the good Lord desires for us.

Friends, you don’t have to smell what you will not eat. Do not tune to the disturbances around as to do what’s abomination in the Kingdom. Hundreds of Christian ladies are trading away virginity not because they desire to do so but because friends lure them to smell what they once determined not to do. Be warned!

Sincerity Helps

I have discovered that lack of sincerity to oneself is a factor responsible for ineffectiveness and failures in many cases. If you are not sincere with yourself, them nature will never play it plain with you. In making your determination, you have to be sincere with yourself. Lack of sincerity with oneself delays one’s growth. As a writer, reasons do flood my mind why I should be spared for not writing. “No inspiration. You still have time. The day is still young”. All these are excuses and no one will take that from you as you contend to be your potentials. You just have to be sincere with yourself.

Self-discipline is the Price

goal-settingSelf-discipline is different from self-punishment. Though discipline also inflicts pains, it is for a moment and for a purpose. Self-discipline will be worth it in the long run anyway. You just have to do the right thing at the right time and at the right place whether it’s convenient for you or not, whether you feel like doing it or not and whether it will cost you some money or not.

Launch out for something greater than you. Be determined to be a success. Dream big. Set goals. Aim high. Be determined to be the best you could be. Resolve in your heart to live for a purpose. Be distinguished among equals. Be a self-determined person.

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Yemi Adekunle

Yemi Adekunle is a teacher and a prolific writer who is passionate for purposeful living and excellence. He shares biblical inspirational insights with youths and goal-driven individuals. He has earned a degree from the Nation's Premier University, University of Ibadan where he graduated with distinction in Pharmacy. Yemi also keeps a watchful eye on humanitarian needs, community development and youth work through a non-profit organization where he serves as a project coordinator

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