Have you ever been faced with making a decision between two difficult options? Have you ever made a wrong decision? Have you ever tried to make it right? Well, you are not alone. These experiences are part of our journey in life. Situations will present themselves that would require you to make very important decisions that can change the course of your life for better or for worse. Most of the time, these situations come to us unannounced, but sometimes, they come with warnings and signs. So what do we do when there is a decision to make?

The quickest answer to give is to pray and fast if need be. But there are times we might not have that luxury of time. How then do we make the right decision? It is important to know first and foremost that we can’t really make good decisions without the help of the Holy Spirit. So if you are still yet to give your life to Christ, which is the best decision you can make now, I advise you do so with immediate effect and ask the Holy Spirit to come into your life so you can make good decisions going forward. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of truth, HE knows the intent of a man’s heart, and he sees what we cannot see. He helps our discernment and guides us into all truth. So develop your relationship with HIM, and you will see that your heart becomes more and more fine tuned to the will of God and it will be easier for you to make the right choices.


So what if you’ve already made a wrong choice, what if you are already in the wrong relationship, or business etc.  And the thing is you would know it. Let’s not deceive ourselves. How then do you make it right? Well once again you need to ask God to help you do so especially when it has to do with matters of the heart. Or issues that are of great importance. First of all you must accept your mistake, and ask God for forgiveness. Secondly you need to cast off all fear. You might be wondering fear of what? Fear of the future and so many uncertainties that the devil will try to bring to your mind. If I end this relationship or resign from this job what next? The bible says that God has not given us the spirit of fear but of love, power and a sound mind. So don’t be afraid, build your faith and courage on God’s word. Do not compromise your standard for carnal and worldly things, think of the Glory God has set before you, is it worth missing? Is that situation worth more than making heaven and the everlasting life God has promised, would you rather go to hell just because you want to please your flesh? Think about your purpose and the destiny God has planned for you, are you willing to forfeit it for a temporary pleasure? I’m sure your answer is No.

So brace yourself and sacrifice your fleshly desires for the will of GOD, it may not be easy but it is definitely worth it. God always remembers the sacrifices we make. He can never forget how we hurt ourselves just to please HIM (of which not sacrificing our flesh does us more hurt). HE will reward you and you will know it because the blessings that would come to you would by far outweigh what you thought you were enjoying. So make the right choice today, ask God for grace and you will see your blessings rolling in.


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Lois Oluwatosin Tioluwani is a graduate of Covenant University from the department of Sociology. She loves to read, write and listen to music. She loves to care for and encourage people. God is literally her life. Without him she is nothing. It's in him she lives, moves and has her being.

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