How to deal with worry

It’s easy to give someone reasons they shouldn’t worry especially when we aren’t the ones in the situations. ‘Don’t worry, everything will be fine’, we say. ‘Is that all that’s getting you worried? We ask. But just as soon as we are faced with a situation we are yet to understand, we go down Worry Lane. Is it wrong to get worried? It’s not! You could get worried and upset because you don’t understand what’s going on. That’s okay, so long you don’t legitimize your staying in worry.

Medical science and findings in psychology have made good progress in showing the negative impact of worry on the human body, and in the mind too. Aside the negative impact of worry, it still seems like the default response to uncertainty. Each one of us has equal opportunities to worry each day. The difference however is in how we respond to those opportunities.

You’d need to learn how to respond to such worrisome situations too… I often get fascinated by persons who seem never to have issues they are worried about. They seem to be as light as air… floating and gliding through life without any issues bugging them. At some point I began to feel I had more matters to deal with than any of these people until I stumbled into one of those anchors for the worry habit.

I had run out of ideas on how to combat worry. My night dreams were getting funny, I was often lost in thought, looking for ways out of what I felt was so much of a BIG issue. I decided to schedule an appointment with a senior who I felt would be of help and would give me practical suggestions on what to do.

My meeting with him actually turned out the other way. In his response to my state, he seemed to share what decisions he was equally faced with and how he was yet to come to a final conclusion on what to do. I was fascinated… I had always thought he had everything put together and he had no issues to deal with.

I was obviously wrong!

He didn’t give me a direct answer about what I should do in the peculiar situation on which I had asked to see him. However, I got something from our conversation… I needed to change the way I viewed things- the more I saw it as so BIG, the less effective I’d become at other areas of my life.

Put the worry where it belongs!

Make a decision not to give issues more room to occupy every area of your life. Leave the worry where it belongs. Refuse to allow issues bug you to the point where you aren’t effective in other areas of your life. Deal with issues within the context of where they exist.

One of the key influencers of the worry habit is a wrong estimation of the abilities that lie in God. We might not always admit it, but somewhere deep down, we feel things could go out of hand and become difficult to deal with. Yes, that’s a possibility, but not when you esteem God’s ability rightly. There’s nothing that will go wrong in the first place that’s strange to Him. He just desires that we have the right approach to things.

Each time you’re tempted to worry, take a moment to think about what would happen if God was faced with the issue you’re faced with. This is not saying you should do the “what Jesus would do…” thing. No! The emphasis here is to place the issue within the context of God’s ability.

You should take strength in that fact that you’ve become one with him according to 1 Corinthians 6:17. This implies that being one spirit with Him makes His thoughts and ideas accessible to you. Once you come to truly understand this, worry won’t be a default response to issues you hardly understand. If God were in your shoes, would He have a reason to worry? If not, then you shouldn’t be caught worrying. I shouldn’t be caught worrying.

Indeed, with God, nothing is insurmountable!


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