Dear 90’s Baby #3

Dear 90’s Baby,

Is your heart written on your face? Are your thoughts so transparent that even passersby can see them? If you allow every emotion you ever feel to come across just the way they are, you are on your  way to being a very lonely person. It is important to be genuine and true to yourself, but it is equally important to be personable.

Not everyone is to blame for how you feel, so put some control in there. Whenever you catch you complaining, whining and frowning out of control, hold yourself in. Maybe you are gifted, maybe you are knowledgeable or maybe you are a special kind of smart but you act out your moods and how you feel in front of everyone in the name of Keepin’ it real. I tell you bruh, you are actually keepin’ you lonely, keepin’ you unattractive, keepin’ you helpless and hopeless. This might sound a tad bit too much, but I tell you what, nobody wants to be around Mr/Miss Grumpy for too long.

sadguyNobody owes you anything but there are a few things you owe yourself; one is love, another is self-control. The Bible says “People who cannot control themselves are like cities without walls to protect them.” -Proverbs 25:28 ERV
Without self control, you transfer aggression, grumble uncontrollably and end up bringing all the evil you blame other people for on yourself. It turns out that you are the reason people don’t like you.😩😩

Just so you know, devils enjoy working in and walking through joyless, dry, and pleasureless places. What kind of place is your home?🏡 What kind of place is your desk? What kind of place have you created? What kind of place are you? ❓❓
In a city without walls (or borders), everything and anything walks through. Terrorists invade everyday, cattle graze everyday, and encroachment happens everyday😯. That cannot be you.

Train yourself to respond to the joy that comes from deep within and to treat people with kindness and respect even when everything says otherwise. Even if by all standards you have a right to whine, snort, beef and blame, just treat others as you would like them to treat you.

Your favourite 90’s baby


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I appreciate that you read my letters; hope they make a difference 😉

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Tolu Michaels

Tolu devotes her life to helping people live truly, connect deeply and love freely. She shares the essentials of the Christian faith in everyday language and has been a speaker at many youth gatherings and discussion groups, encouraging young people to take a stand for the Lord in spite of today’s culture. Tolu serves as the Ministry Director of Godlovers Fellowship and has been featured on Kingdom Times and Lifegiva.

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  1. Kennygold
    May 20, 2016 at 7:19 pm

    Waoh…thanks Tolu!just felt u were talking to me.

  2. tolukumuyi
    May 23, 2016 at 5:49 pm


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