Dear 90’s Baby #5

Dear 90’s Baby,

Last weekend, it was Children’s day in my country. The kids were all over the place, enjoying themselves. I saw children perform beautifully in dance and drama. They say ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. Looking at the children we’ve raised made me reminisce about my own childhood. Looking back, I have learnt a lot and grown a lot☺, though there are a few things I wish they told me;


I wish they told me how powerful my words are. For as long as I can remember, everytime I blurt out, they say “omode lo n se” which literally means “childhood is worrying her”. Hmmm, they allowed childhood worry me for too long, I tell you😩. Today was created yesterday but I did not know this yesterday. If only I knew, my life will be better than this.

Ooh and Forgiveness. In fact, today I wish our pastors would tell us plainly that ‘unforgiveness will take you to hell’. Whenever someone offended me, they’ll say to me “oya, say sorry” and I did. This skewed my understanding of requesting, receiving and giving forgiveness. I learnt to just say “sorry”, “oya sorry now” and once you don’t budge after that, I classify you as a trouble maker😐. Also, I found it hard to forgive and accept ‘sorry’ from people because I grew up saying it without meaning it.

I wish I was taught to be sensitive to the fact that there will always be people in the society who are disadvantaged; who have no voice. I thought the poor would disappear as I grew older. Maybe I would have prepared more, it would have changed my world outlook to know that I would one day have to speak up for those who do not have a voice.

Now, I’m glad they let me be a child, I’m glad peacemaking was forced upon me and to be honest, everything I wish they told me, I have told myself now and I’m running with it. 🙂
Is there anything I wish my parents and village knew? Yes! I wish they knew that they would not reproduce what they want but who they are. Everything they told me was not as loud as what I saw them do. I simply did what I saw them do and said what I heard them say.

Dear You, we will have our own children (for those of us that don’t already do). Please remember this: today’s kids are learning from a lot of places and listening to a lot of voices; please let your own voice be the strongest, especially the voice of your examplary life;)
May we be greater than our parents, and in our highest state of greatness, may our children be even greater than us. 🙏🙏

Your fellow 90’s Baby

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I appreciate that you read my letters; hope they make a difference 😉

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Tolu Michaels

Tolu devotes her life to helping people live truly, connect deeply and love freely. She shares the essentials of the Christian faith in everyday language and has been a speaker at many youth gatherings and discussion groups, encouraging young people to take a stand for the Lord in spite of today’s culture. Tolu serves as the Ministry Director of Godlovers Fellowship and has been featured on Kingdom Times and Lifegiva.

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