Discovery of the Principles of Wealth Creation and Financial Dominion #beforeYouTurn25


As I attempt to introduce some thoughts that may sound a bit out of the box, extra-normal or non-conventional. I plead with you not to fight truth- truth is ageless, timeless and does not change.
‘…even if you fight the truth, time will correct you, the disadvantage thereafter is that you’ll have the experience but no commensurate time to effect any changes’.

One of the greatest assets you will ever gain access to leverage upon is the wisdom of the Ancient (Psalm 119:100). David the King admonishes that listening to persons who have passed on the baton you wish to run with is wisdom.
I live in an Industrial Estate and I cannot but stay amazed daily while on my morning run as I see young men and young ladies sit beside a notable factory waiting to be called up for the usual daily appointment. They are engaged, their names are penned down today and they are paid for the job done today. Tomorrow, they have to ‘report’ at the same spot again with little or no assurance they will be picked.
Many a times, if I’m able to finish up a few things on time, I still meet quite number of them at 12noon hoping to still be accepted to work for the day. I ask:
what is happening?
As you read this, I am very sure you have seen or heard someone share same or nearly similar experiences as this with you. It is no news that many young people haven’t learnt the principles of wealth creation and financial dominion. As I write this, I am yet to decide if I will be recommending some books to further cash-in on this but
One thing is missing; we have a generation of people who have little or no value for financial literacy.
The sense of value we are told determines the flow of virtue. I had one of my thoughts posted on Facebook some weeks back and got a lot of questions and private messages as to what I meant:
Son, if you don’t begin certain things now, you’ll never get to do them”. This is one of such things to begin exploring now. The principles of Wealth creation, Cash flow and financial dominion are a few of those areas young people never probe so deeply into.
The purpose of this series is not to fully TEACH on these discoveries, as the platform doesn’t make it so effective; it’s however an exposé targeted at channeling your attention to an area you are probably not taking seriously”


QUESTION: If you haven’t learnt “how to” attract money(legitimately, I must add) in your direction now, what makes you feel you will do so when you get married or when your kids need their fees paid?
I must admit, this attitude of procrastination must be deliberately killed…the prolonged delay to cash-in on truth is demeaning a lot of young people. The attitude towards financial literacy should be that of “it’s either done now or never! I meet people on a daily basis and one amazing set of people I’m faced with daily are people who have “great dreams they intend to pursue some day, but not now oo”, I ask WHEN??
I see a lot of laxity shown when it comes to issues of finance and I cannot but get disturbed.
We all know how important finances are. Personally, you know 2,3,4,5 things you would have loved to get done, but inadequacy of finance prevented you from doing so, the fact that they were very good plans didn’t change a thing!
Why then do we all pretend as though it’s not important or we understand how it works, when we truly don’t?
“Wealth answers to something very crucial- ‘problems’”.
Our Network service providers solve the problem of communication: at various times, you needed to use the internet or complete a business deal while you were out of the Office, to do this you pay them. They get richer for bridging your communication deficiencies; they are richer for solving problems.
The Gas station next to your vicinity provides you cooking gas and diesel for your van, they solve your problems and go richer for that.  It’s amazing how we got so intertwined with the routine and forgot the crust of the matter.
Money is a reward for problem solved. If you don’t solve my problem I won’t pay you! *Stern look*
Just imagine!!!
…trying to get back home after a long day’s adventure with the tasking demands of an immediate boss who desires nothing the best…someone walks up to you, explaining how he missed his way around town and needs little financial assistance to get back on track. Very few people in this situation fix would dip their hands into their purses to give him anything… Just while he is explaining his ordeal, the same person he is talking to brings out money to pay someone else who is about to solve his hunger problem- dips the same hand into the same wallet and pays for 2 sausage rolls and a pet-bottle drink… WHAT!!!…and you feel he is stingy? NO! He simply paid for a problem solved.
If you can’t solve people’s problems, they won’t pay you. It’s no news that the poor always term the rich to be stingy. Care however, must be taken not mistake being stingy for being frugal (penny-wise)-they are worlds apart!

A man who knows what he is doing will never hire you if he for whatever reason perceives you not to know your job. He realizes and respects how much cost was incurred to attain his current level, I bet you, he’s not about to trash all of it by one sentimental appointment.

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Toluwalope Oresanya

Toluwalope is passionate about personal development and passing across such development initiatives to those around him. In furtherance of his continuous drive for people, he has continued to build competences in the areas of writing, speaking and mentoring, he has has a goal to ensure everyone who comes close enough to him is not left the same. As a trained Communicator and Entrepreneur, he has developed the ability to execute business processes effectively in attaining set standards; He spends most of his quiet time observing and conducting extended researches.

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