Optimism does not mean an outright denial of facts- but recognizing and being strengthened by them. You may be making a great mistake by assuming that your problems are not there (as a way of numbing your fear or activating your faith). It does not necessarily work that way.

“Faith comes by hearing”. Romans 10:17

Unarguably, action stands out in that scripture. Faith works by facing the facts, not by ignoring them because in the final analysis, facts count in faith! One of the outstanding ways of activating faith is to recognize facts, not to be detained or disdained by them, but believe it is possible to go beyond them.

This was the case of Abraham whose situation was hopeless, medically and humanly speaking, but he did not ignore that fact. The Bible put it this way in Romans 4 (NIV):

  1. “Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed and so became…”
  2. Without weakening in his faith, he faced the fact that his body was as old as dead – since he was about a hundred years old – and that Sarah’s womb was also dead” (Emphasis is mine)

Profoundly, faith is vehemently prompted by facts. The simple secret to breakthrough from seemingly hopeless situations is the ability to see a glimpse of hope in hopelessness. Well, hopeless situations are significantly rare but hopeless people abound. Most of the times, what you see are people tired of their circumstances not people fired by their circumstances.

Know the true worth of your challenges; at least it’s better that way. Analyze them. Quantify them. Send out spies to seek out length, breadth, height and width. Don’t assume anything about your circumstances; know the magnitude so that you will appreciate God’s greatness once the wall of Jericho finds itself on the ground.

Never assume non-existence of your challenges. However, don’t be discouraged or censured by them. The ability to be strengthened by your challenges guarantees victory. Those who are discouraged by challenges usually end as failures.

“Let the weak say, “I am strong”. Joel 3:10

“Out of their weakness, they were made strong”. Hebrews 11:34

These biblical statements are insightfully nailing the startling balance between fact and faith: Wherever there’s weakness (acknowledgement of facts), faith says, “Strength” (Optimism and Positivism). Weakness is not a defect for human being; weakness, to human, is an attribute. So you stop being human when you live under the pretense of ignoring facts. Although optimism and positivism are powerful tools to create a great future you desire, truest realism makes them more excellently footed.


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Yemi Adekunle

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