Church_page-bg_11324-1024x640Moving to a new place has challenges of varying proportions and finding a church is usually a big one. Whether on Youth service or to study abroad, the time often comes to find a church to call home with a community one can embrace as family. There, is no ‘perfect church’ (especially, because there are no perfect people) but here are a few things to look out for before you decide to stay:

1. The core members of the church should be believers. The church is a place anyone can run to taste the goodness of the Lord and to be served, whether they believe or not. However, you should be concerned about whether the core members value Faith in Christ and respect the authority of Scripture.

2. The leadership of a church determines a lot of things about the church. To be real, only God knows the heart and you cannot completely know a person but do well to check the leader(s) against 1 Timothy 3. Do the leaders walk in Love?
Be kind though, church leaders are human beings too.

3. What do they preach or teach? The Word of God is the chief means for nurturing and leading believers into spiritual maturity. If a church does not preach faithfully from Scripture, it is not healthy to remain there.

4. Worship is a huge one. Well, the style of worship is not as important as the object of worship. Worshipping God means giving only Him glory with all our being and in light of His revelation (In Spirit and In Truth). It means we never stop seeking to know and praise Him. Is this prioritized in your church?

5. Willingness to serve and spread the good news. God’s eternal plan is to unite all things to Himself and He asks us to be a part of it (Ephesians 2:10). The reason a church exists is beyond Sunday services. A healthy church does not teach for the sake of teaching, but points the people to do something with what is taught.

Of course, there are other dynamics like whether the people are welcoming and whether the leaders of the church are biased against race, gender or culture. However, these five points are very fundamental.

By design, we cannot live in isolation. Do not give up your search, ask God to help you find a church to call home. Prayer always works.

Have you ever had to find a new church? Let us know what it was like and if you have other tips in the comment box below.




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Tolu Michaels

Tolu devotes her life to helping people live truly, connect deeply and love freely. She shares the essentials of the Christian faith in everyday language and has been a speaker at many youth gatherings and discussion groups, encouraging young people to take a stand for the Lord in spite of today’s culture. Tolu serves as the Ministry Director of Godlovers Fellowship and has been featured on Kingdom Times and Lifegiva.

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