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Relationship experts all over the world have agreed that intimacy is a function of knowledge of the partner’s likes and dislikes. The striking difference between mere admiration and a thriving love relationship is the knowledge of who this person really is. A successful relationship is an end result of certain factors securely in place.

Bible Study

One of such factors is the awareness of what excites, stimulates and dampens or turns off your partner. The same details are quite transferable to walking with the Holy Spirit. He’s not a dove, a feeling of goose pimples on Wednesday evening, a wind nor a fire (He’s none of these) – the revelation that the Holy Spirit is a person must dawn fully on your spirit man. From here, you could go any length with Him.


In my last post, I expressed the place of value you accord the Holy Spirit in your walk with Him and I believe you must have appropriated that. The next point of call becomes growing in knowledge of the person of the Holy Spirit through a passionate search of the Word of God. This could take various forms- the point here is that you don’t have to be a book-worm to walk with God, beyond what you study and read, what you do is much more powerful.


Passionate search of the Word of God could be through reading, understanding and confessing the revealed word of God and through listening and watching audio or video recordings containing Bible teachings from tested and proven Bible teachers. Such teachers, through life experiences, should be able to confirm and give witness to how walking with God has enabled them walk through life victoriously.


I consider next to salvation and infilling of the Holy Spirit, the gift of Bible teachers to be the greatest gift to every Christian. Regardless of 442how much you’ve grown, you’ll need a Bible teacher- someone who can give explanations to your experiences, and someone who can answer your questions on this path of spiritual growth and intimacy- someone who can expound the Word of God to you.


It’s not my assignment to recommend some to you publicly, but through much observation and careful attention to their lives and their teachings, you should be able to tell who will be capable of helping you grow in your spiritual journey. If you have no idea of who to choose, ask the Holy Spirit. He knows and He is willing to help.


Dear friend, you need a Bible teacher who can provide you with knowledge and understanding of the details of God’s love and provisions for you (Jeremiah 3:15).


My desire for you is that before the next post where I’ll be explaining the place of a spiritual network in your intimacy drive, the Holy Spirit would have confirmed who your Bible teacher really is.


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