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Trying and failing- or rather I’d say the fear of failing has kept many from doing what they never recognised they had the ability to do. Take for instance; many have not tried out the driving lessons they received several weeks or months ago courtesy of the fear they might get ‘bashed’ or they might hit someone else’s car on the high way.

These same fears have crept into various areas of life: I once spoke to someone some time ago. He just got saved after so many years of riotous living, to him: his greatest fear was ‘failing God’ the second time. “I’m scared I will fail God the second time and fall back into my ways”. To this, I responded. ‘that’s not left for you to decide, and the reason is purely that once you give your heart to the Lord, He promises to keep you from falling and if listening to God is something  you have done for some time, you’ll discover He doesn’t go against His promises’.

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In this series, I will be sharing a few points in this line of thought on how to begin, strengthen and maintain a thriving relationship with the Holy Spirit. There is however something to keep in mind here, which is- there is never a point of full attainment where you are ‘all-intimate’ with the Holy Spirit. We keep exploring the depths of God’s love and discovering new dimensions of His Glory. Like I read somewhere: “We are called to explore God as astronauts explore space” How true!

The goal of this series is to share a few tips on enhancing your spiritual growth, attaining spiritual robustness and reaching intimacy with the Holy Spirit. This series will set you on the path from where you currently are in your walk with God to where you desire to be.

I advise that you don’t miss out on any of the posts in this series (#LifewordsIntimacyDrive ) for two main reasons:

Firstly, each of these areas of focus are not isolated in application- the same way you cannot have a functional car without either the steering wheels or the gear box missing- each part in this series could take you further than you currently are. Secondly, the post you miss out on might be what you needed to learn about in your quest for depths in God. Keep reading and keep the questions coming in at

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