The topic of sowing and reaping is one with different controversies backed by various beliefs. I studied some views under sowing and reaping that have led to this article.

Two views I want to address are

– The ‘watering principle’

–  The ‘What-you-sow-is-exactly-what-you-reap-principle’


The ‘watering principle’

This is a belief that when you sow a seed, you must water the seed for the harvest to come. The degree to which you water your seed will determine the measure of your harvest.

I consider this to be untrue, first of all Luke 6:38 says “Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again”. Take note of the emphasis here, the measure you receive is the measure of what you give and not how much watering you do…

As I wondered where the idea of watering a seed came from, I went on to discover that people relate giving or sowing a seed to a practice by farmers. Yes, farmers apply some techniques to enhance the growth of their crops for a mega harvest, and one of such is watering, or the system called irrigation, where water is channelled to the crops to make them flourish. But this farming technique can’t fully describe what happens when you give to God. For instance if you sow yam on your farm and also give yam to God, (by giving someone, giving to the poor and/or giving to meet needs in your home church) the harvests are not guaranteed to be the same, moreover if you water your yam in the farm you’ll reap yam, but it’s a different ball game for a seed sown to God.

Giving and/or sowing to God is a physical act wherin spiritual factors influence your harvest. Here’s what I mean; your gift is tangible, yet the factor that brings about your harvest is unseen. Just picture this, you sowed a seed and you got something in return, but you can’t fully picture how your seed brought about that harvest, you say, but I didn’t do anything to amount to this blessing. You just can’t explain it, all you end up saying is this – ‘it’s just God o’, or well, ‘I got it and don’t know how, but I got it’ 🙂

I’ve heard people say that to water your seed means t0 – pray over it, praise and thank God for your harvest and the like. Truly it’s good to pray, praise and thank God, but my point here is this – it’s not a ritual that must be done to entitle you to a harvest.

When I look through the scriptures, I see that what is required for a harvest is one thing… ‘GIVING’ That’s it.give-receive

However, God can lead you to thank HIM for your harvest that is on the way, don’t be rigid, please follow HIS leading and instruction but don’t make an ordinance of it. That the Spirit of God led you to thank HIM today does not mean your harvest will not come if you don’t thank Him. HE might ask you to pray, speak HIS word or anything else (which will always be according to HIS word).

So get the point, it’s good to thank God and speak over your seed, but it’s not a compulsory prerequisite for your harvest. If you sowed a seed and did not ‘water’ the seed, as people say, it doesn’t mean you’ve lost your harvest 🙂

Watch out for the 2nd part of this series next Monday.

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