The ‘what you sow is exactly what you reap principle’

This principle implies that you’ll reap exactly what you sow. For instance, when you sow shirts, you will reap shirts.

Many have buttressed this principle by quoting Galatians 6:7 “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man sows; that shall he also reap”.

If you read the verses preceding verse 7 Paul was not talking about giving or sowing a seed, He used the statement ‘for whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap’ to emphasise the point being made which was the fact that, “…God can’t be mocked” the same way you can’t reap what you did not sow. I encourage you to read it up.

Car Key

Back in the university, as I walked towards my hostel one day, I heard these words ‘if you will reap exactly what you sow, you’ll never receive a car gift until you’re able to save up, buy one and give it out as a gift’. At this point, I knew my belief system needed to be altered and aligned with the truth. Couple of years ago, I got an Ipad gift, and I never sowed an Ipad before I got this, so it was very easy for me to understand what the Lord was ministering to my heart.

In fact the Bible never said you’ll get the exact things you sow. You should ask yourself;

1) What did I do to receive every gift I’ve gotten so far; did I give and receive the same thing in return?

I’m sure you’ll discover you didn’t always receive what you gave. So if this principle was an ordinance form the bible and you believed it, why didn’t it work for you in all cases? Think about that.

2) For instance if you sow shirt to reap shirt, how will you get yourself pairs of trousers, shoes and the like

Living by this, maybe you’ll sell some shirt, buy some pairs of trousers and then give them out to be able to start receiving trousers as your harvest.

From these two illustrations you can see for yourself how your belief literally plays out.

Please also note these:

i. When God provides for your need, it might not be a function of whether you previously gave that particular thing or not.

ii. The concept of receiving from God is not a game where you dictate what you want by what you give.

iii. It’s possible for God to lead you to sow a seed for a specific harvest. Follow HIS leading and don’t make this case a standard practice for subsequent giving (except HE leads you to).

iv. If your motive for giving is to receive something in return, you’ll most likely not give when you don’t have a need.

v. The harvest you receive is to the measure that you give, not necessarily exactly what you give. Luke 6:38, 2 Cor.9:6

Watch out for the 3rd and final part of this series next Monday.

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