God is Eager

Having remained a good student of biographies and an enthusiastic audience of one on one interviews, I can say with much confidence that everyone who built a thriving relationship with the Holy Spirit all have something in common. It may sound usual to note this action taken by everyone one of them, but the power of choice in any of life’s endeavour cannot be overemphasized.


To understand God’s nature on this gives a well balanced view on the Holy Spirit’s expectation of you. One thing you’ll notice when you study God’s attitude to people is that He hardly ever forces Himself on people. He speaks from the point of: “Having done all these for you, I only expect you recompense my love by drawing closer to me”. In a straight expression of this; God doesn’t force things on people- if you will build a thriving relationship with the Holy Spirit, it will begin with your decision to do so and something beautiful about this is that your will be aided by the Holy Spirit, this, in effect will only occur if you will set your heart on it.

Of all the aspects of the Christian faith, I flow very well with helping people build thriving and consistently growing relationships with the Holy Spirit. I have constantly identified a missing link in the hundreds of persons I have had conversations with along these line; this lingering issue is the desire to become more intimate with the Person of the Holy Spirit, but with no real passion to drive that desire.

Just like it’s obvious in the natural, a desire to eat doesn’t necessarily get you fed, neither does seeing the food get you filled up. A conscious choice must be made to see that hunger satisfied. Admiring the relationship people have with the Holy Spirit- even that of your Pastor or leader doesn’t directly affect your relationship with the Holy Spirit. You need to make that decision to do all that’s necessary to build the relationship.

Really, the difference between a ‘crush’ and a real relationship (ideally) is that some party approached some other and boomm! That was it- don’t keep your desire for God at the crush level- Good news! He approached you the day you gave your heart to Him- Please accept his love and choose to grow in love with LOVE personified.

It will help to keep in your consciousness that God is more eager to build a strong and intimate relationship with you than your desire will ever carry!


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