Many times its difficult for people to grasp the ‘concept of God’. And even harder to understand that He is infinitely bigger than we thought.

You see, He is self-sufficient meaning He is God all by Himself. For him, there are no bounds; our limits do not exist to Him. He is not time bound, time was His idea.wallpaper-89f7622

He doesn’t have a future or a tomorrow, He’s been there ever since the first yesterday, heard the first baby cry and knows whose footprint is on the beach tomorrow.

He is not the represented existence of a supreme being. He is the Creator of all, Judge of same, Protector, Refuge, Deliverer and Father.
He not only Forgives sins, Redeems lives, Gives deliverance, Heals diseases, Bestows mercy and Ensures Freedom, He also promised Blessings. He promised them to you and for you. Receive all of it this week and forever.






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