Obviously this is not a new topic and you’ve probably read or heard of this goal setting thing more times than you’ve actually put to practice. So let me not bore you with long gist. For me, 2017 was my first attempt at having New Year resolutions- thanks to having good friends and right company. I wrote out some of the realistic goals I knew I could achieve easily and then maybe some not-so-easy ones like my financial goals for the year.  Fast forward to May 2017, I can boldly say I am steadily smashing all my goals. Here are a few tips on goal setting and achieving set goals:

 1. Write it down: writing is such a simple, yet powerful activity. Even the bible says: ‘write the vision and make it plain so you can run with it’. You must write your goals down if you want to achieve them. When I say write, I mean with pen and paper because soft copy can disappear or get deleted by mistake. By writing, your goals will be registered in your subconscious and it’s always easier to remember what you write down with your own hands.


2. Be realistic: remember, you are not in a competition with anybody. You cannot be on a salary of N50, 000 (Fifty thousand naira) and set a goal of having 1 million naira in savings at the end of the year. Even if you are not spending your salary at all, you will only have N600, 000 (six hundred thousand naira) at the end of 12 months. So, why set such an unachievable goal? Do your math properly and come up with a reasonable plan. Except you are going for a longer term goal, say longer than a year. However, I advise maximum of one year goal setting per time. It is easier to achieve and measure.


3. Be determined: you literally have to kick yourself very often to stay on track with the goals you have set. It is not going to come cheap and there are times you might not feel like doing what you should do to achieve these goals. You must continuously push yourself to move toward the future you desire. See yourself with that certificate for instance, and go out to make all the necessary registrations. That way, you will be motivated to continue the process.

4. Do it for yourself: there is nothing like self-development, especially when it comes from goals you set for yourself. There is a confidence and high self-esteem that comes with achieved goals. Set goals because you really want to improve yourself and be a better person. If your goals are not pushing you forward and higher, then they are not goals. Set life goals and in the process of becoming a better person for yourself, you will be a better person for others as well. Achieved goals help you to be independent and rather have others lean on you than you being the dependent one all the time.

In conclusion, you can set goals in every area of your life: spiritual, career, academic, marital, financial, and back them all up with prayers and God’s guidance. For those who think it’s too late because the middle of the year is fast approaching, no worries! It is never too late or too early to set goals. Do it now and run with it!


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Lois Oluwatosin Tioluwani is a graduate of Covenant University from the department of Sociology. She loves to read, write and listen to music. She loves to care for and encourage people. God is literally her life. Without him she is nothing. It's in him she lives, moves and has her being.

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