How Much…?

burdenI was once drowned in sin,

On the path of destruction, my destination was certain, Hell it was…

But somewhere along the line, the light of God’s glorious gospel shined on me, and salvation was its result. Now I’ve been redeemed from the hold of sin and death, free indeed to serve God and live for HIM.

Wow! Such saving Grace.

Some people also share this testimony with me.

But hold on, there’s a major task ahead of us. Do you know it? Do you believe it’s an urgent call?

You were once in darkness, but now you’re in the LIGHT. What’s your approach to life? Are you an onlooker despite the fact that somebody like you is on the path of destruction which you once took?

Are you able to sound the warning to them just as someone did to you, which resulted in your salvation?

We face a lot of distractions, we are ambitious, we hope to build a career, a life, fame, and everything that has to do with us, neglecting the call which we must all heed. When we even pray, all we do is ask God to do things for us, sometimes under the guise that whatever HE would do for us will be for HIS glory (when we don’t even understand what we’re saying)

Yes, get a job, build a career, but don’t do these at the expense of being committed to God and the call to ‘make disciples of nations’ Matt. 28 18-20

Since you were saved, how have you contributed to the growth of the kingdom of God? How many have you evangelized to?

Know this, if you’re saved, then the life you live is Christ’s and one day you will account for it.

Would it be that all you did on earth was to suit YOU, or will your story be that in all you did, you sought to GLORIFY GOD. 1 Cor.10:31

The time to change is now, please heed the call, be an evangelist, one showing God’s love to the dying world, not judging them but telling them about the only way to God, JESUS, John 14:6.

How much do you love HIM, what extent are you willing to go for HIS sake. Selah

Always talk to people about Christ, tell them about the only way to GOD.

Receive grace to live for Christ daily.

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