In Search of Rebecca #1

Growing up as a young boy, I had always fantasized at how beautiful my wife would look. Many of those times, I had to be reminded in the midst of such mind travels:” “boy you still have at least a decade.

You can be sure that was always the sad end of my fantasies.

Personally, I have come to realize I’m not the ‘spontaneous type’ and so when my search for Rebecca was to commence, I knew I had to be deliberate and very cautious every step of the way.

If at this point you’re still wondering who Rebecca is, I need to get in touch with your Sunday school teacher… Yes! Well, Rebecca was this corporate lady who happened to run a major part of her father’s empire. She knew her job, she was always right on time and you could be sure you’ll meet her right on the job. Rebecca was known to stay up late and work extra hours. She was just that perfect daughter every father would love to tell his friends about.

On the other hand, Isaac (who later married Rebecca) was the son of a Business mogul. He knew his job and was the beloved of his mom. He was the very son of her old age. She hardly would let him out of her sight. He was more precious than rubies. He’d been a morally sound guy, he never had any reason to bring apprehension to his parents all his life, and now, Isaac needed to get married…

Throughout the story, this is what caught my attention- I always thought that a young man who was ready to get married would spearhead team while searching for his bride- No, not with Isaac. He was home all through the process.

You should be worried. What if Eleazar, his father’s aide, brings the wrong woman? What if she isn’t beautiful? What if she has attitude issues? What if she doesn’t like me? What if she’s not from a good home? What if… What if…

There were a million ‘what ifs’ that could possibly go through Isaac’s mind…which brings me to the first point in this series

Be ready to accept and love even when you don’t understand.

Before you freak out, I am not saying you should love without your eyes and brains giving the right readings… NO!

Even before Rebecca shows up, your heart must be ready to love and accept. If your heart hasn’t been groomed in this manner, you’re not ready for Rebecca. Probably that’s why she’s not been found yet. A man who is naturally tuned to the Holy Spirit would be aided on the lines of unconditional acceptance and love. If such work hasn’t been done in your heart, this is a good place to begin.

I’d hold on to my story and drive home the point.

If your decision to love is purely based on what your eyes can see, you’re wrong.

You are.

The writer of the book of Romans tells us that one could choose to lay his life for a good man, and that could be reasonable. But for a wicked man, no one will choose to lay his life. The striking point in this line is that we were not just considered wicked, we were enemies of God.

I mean who dies for an enemy?


God commended His love in our direction, in that while we were still sinners (without knowledge of our damned state, without understanding of the implications of our nature and lifestyle AND without coming to ask for His mercies at that point) Christ died for us… Isn’t that mouth opening?

Someone offended you and before he could turn to realize what he has done and ask you to forgive him, you’ve forgiven him and restored him to a higher plane of relationship, fellowship and existence. That’s the kind of love God expects of us as Isaacs, even before we meet our Rebeccas’.

If you haven’t learnt to love when Rebecca hasn’t showed up, you may find it difficult to love her when she comes around. Grow to a point of loving even when you haven’t seen… Can I tell you what happens thereafter? Once you see her, you’ll recognize her.

Finding Rebecca isn’t difficult if Isaac will learn to love in anticipation. Eventually, when Rebecca shows up, she might have character defaults, but you know what? Your love that has been built and reinforced overtime will straighten those traits out.

Dear Isaac, learn to love even when Rebecca hasn’t shown up!



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Toluwalope Oresanya

Toluwalope is passionate about personal development and passing across such development initiatives to those around him. In furtherance of his continuous drive for people, he has continued to build competences in the areas of writing, speaking and mentoring, he has has a goal to ensure everyone who comes close enough to him is not left the same. As a trained Communicator and Entrepreneur, he has developed the ability to execute business processes effectively in attaining set standards; He spends most of his quiet time observing and conducting extended researches.

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  1. Samuel
    March 22, 2017 at 5:21 pm

    Awesome read!!! Now, I’M ready, Rebecca Where art thou?

    • Tolu Oresanya
      April 6, 2017 at 4:03 pm

      Thanks Samuel, it gladdens me to know you’re getting set!
      happy search bro!

  2. Victoria Oluwatumininu
    March 22, 2017 at 10:07 pm

    Thank you sir. This is very insightful- learning to love as God loves; also very applicable to the “Rebecca” who’s to be found.

    • Tolu Oresanya
      April 6, 2017 at 4:05 pm

      I’m glad to hear this, Thank you Victoria!

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