In search of Rebecca #3

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Having heard from momma that Eleazar would be sent on a long trip to seek a wife for Him, Isaac was moved with mixed feelings… He didn’t doubt Eleazar’s abilities, he was only curious how Eleazar was to to go about this all-important task.

Abraham had made Eleazar swear not to bring any other woman to his son Isaac, but from Mesopotamia; from the very city his brothers’ families resided. Eleazar, known for his devotion and absolute loyalty to his master Abraham was given such task to seek a wife for his master’s son- Isaac.

“How would Eleazar know my taste?”

“How would he be able to tell if I would even like her?”

“What if she’s not as beautiful in my eyes…?”

On and on, Isaac paced to and fro his house, just next to his parent’s on their large ranch…He couldn’t really come to terms with the fact that someone else would be sent to get him a wife. He didn’t for once doubt, he just didn’t understand how it would all work out.


He couldn’t bear it again, and so he dashed out of his apartment and headed down to Eleazar’s home, walking a few minutes through the little footpath. He overhears Eleazar talking to his wife, explaining what gigantic assignment his master had conferred on him this time.

Isaac knocks on the door and makes himself welcome, He’s been the little child everyone on the ranch carried and took good care of while growing up, he’s been a friend of them all, and now, he would be married:

“Good evening aunt!”

“Oh, look who’s here!” Aunt Micah exclaims with much enthusiasm as Isaac steps into the large parlour.


“I’m really concerned, how do you really believe you would seek the right woman for me?” Isaac says to Eleazar.

“Well, I don’t really know, but I have come to believe in the God my master, your father serves, HE surely knows how to show up in ways we mortals cannot fully understand and so I have chosen to trust Him, just like I have done on every other task I have been assigned to in the past”


While reading Genesis chapter 24 over again, a verse came so strong in my heart:

Genesis 24:21

“And the man wondering at her held his peace, to wit whether the LORD had made his journey prosperous or not.”

This was even after Rebecca had met the criteria of deciding to draw out some water for Eleazar and going further to draw out some water for his camels too, just like he prayed a couple of minutes ago. These acts of kindness were enough to decide whether or not if she was the right one for Isaac.

But, he held his peace to see whether she was or not!

Dear Isaac, as much as Rebecca must have met up imageries you have in mind of who a wife should be and look like, you must learn at times to hold your peace and see what God would say at such moments. I need to say that the feelings are very important, but aren’t always adequate to fully tell if you have made the right decisions or not.

This goes on to say something to you, if you haven’t learnt how to hear God on other issues, getting directions as to whether Rebecca is the right one or not would not be a venture to start with. This speaks of a thriving relationship with the Holy Spirit on several other platforms in the past.

Seeking a wife to marry is one of such decisions you can’t afford to be unsure about. This is because of the time implication of such decision. Personally, I want to believe that the high rate of divorce experienced in the world today is a direct result (at least to a very large extent) of persons who did not do a detailed search or listening by the Spirit to make a final decision. Beyond the feelings, beyond the looks, beyond chemistry, the counsel of the Lord remains the final item on the checklist of who to finally settle in with.

If you really would be honest with yourself, you would always meet more beautiful ladies, you would meet more ladies with a better character or whatever may be your yardstick for selection. But something you won’t come across would be another lady God says you should settle in with after HE must have spoken to you in the past.

My counsel: don’t decide on who Rebecca would be if God hasn’t in one way or another given you a go-ahead… and mind you, it doesn’t begin with hearing HIM for the very first time when you are about choosing a wife… there should have been a track record of His ‘speakings’ in your life.




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