In Search of Rebecca # 2


“Oh my God! It’s 6:43am and I haven’t woken Rebecca up”

Aunt Zipporah jumps out of bed and dashes down to Rebecca’s room… While on her way she tries to figure out how she’ll have to persuade Rebecca to forgive her for not waking her at 6:15am.

Just in time to hold on to the door knob, Rebecca opens the door, fully dressed for work. Aunt Zipporah is shocked at this.

“Becca, (in a low tone) you hardly slept for 3 hours and you’re up again? You hardly rest these days, c’mon…”

Rebecca smiles warmly as always.

‘Aunt there’s so much work to get done today plus have you forgotten? Thursdays are my busiest days!’

You can only imagine the proud look on Aunt Zipporah’s face. She was there a little above two decades ago when little Rebecca was born, red-haired and chubby. Rebecca was loved by all in less than two and a half decades; she’d become this successful and passionate lady, ready to go all out in fulfillment of her dreams and ideas… Aunt Zipporah smiled to herself as she daydreamed of Rebecca.

‘Aunt, what is it again, why are you smiling?’ Rebecca nudged her, as she fixed in her wrist watch…

“Oh, nothing, just some old memories there… Alright, you should be on your way now”. She walked Rebecca to the door and gave her a big hug.


Dear Isaac, if you still have doubts as to what to look out for in your search for Rebecca, you must not forget one thing… you must be certain Rebecca has discovered her passion and follows it tenaciously. She must have something that drives her and makes her go the extra mile even when there might be no logical reason to… her passion must be palpable and defined. There’s something she must have been known for. Well, don’t mistake my description for self actualization and complete fulfillment.  Contrary to that, what I mean is that Rebecca must have discovered herself and kept pace on the course of her life goals.

You don’t want to be caught in the web of a lady who looks to you every time for affirmation. I do not say this to relinquish you of the responsibility of leadership and headship, not at all! I say this to make you realize that you can only make the most of that love relationship when Rebecca has learnt what gives her fulfillment and satisfaction.

Biblical Rebecca learnt how to identify a need; meeting Eleazar for the first time, She had nothing to lose by telling him she was busy and couldn’t give him a drink or that  she was too tired to go the extra mile in providing water for his camels. He was a total stranger and there was no need going through such stress to please a stranger. However, the ease with which she responded to Eleazar on one call for help shows it was habitual for her to relate with people on that basis. That couldn’t have been her first time. She was ready to go the extra mile (even when she didn’t have a reason to) in lending a helping hand to a total stranger. Such dignity and compassion from a tender heart that has learnt how to identify a need and provide succor…this is who Rebecca is! This is the kind of woman that you, Isaac, should desire to be with.

Isaac, If you have learnt to love even before she shows up like I asked you to last time, a heart as caring and bending towards meeting a need as that of Rebecca is sure to melt yours. But don’t forget, she has to have built competencies in her areas of interest and she should not be looking to you to give her an identity, (I tell you, it’s not a job you want to take up). She should be selfless and have a heart that easily perceives a need in people (including those she has nothing to gain from by helping and those she could easily say no to and be justified for so doing) – for both alike, her tender heart has learnt how to lend a helping hand to someone in need.

As you go through this, remember, the very first thing is to be ready to love ‘unconditionally’ even before she shows up. When that is settled in your heart, you can begin finding Rebecca.


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Toluwalope Oresanya

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  1. Oluwatosin
    March 29, 2017 at 9:06 pm

    I was blessed by this. “Rebecca must have discovered her passion and be wiling to follow it tenaciously before Isaac comes” #lessonlearnt. Thank you sir.

    • Tolu oresanya
      April 6, 2017 at 3:59 pm

      Thank you Tosin, i’m glad you had one or two things picked!
      keep following for more details in this series

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