Kingdom Christianity

Denominationalism and doctrinairism can be distractions to Kingdom expansion. They both have the tendency to foster Kingdom division rather than bolstering its advancement. When persons in a kingdom, faction themselves into groups based on denominations or doctrines, that kingdom is not likely to stand.

Our increased knowledge of the gospel of the Kingdom should favor the unity of the body rather than its division. Our Master, Jesus the Lord, propounded the Kingdom Stability Theory about 2,000 years ago. The theory states, “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation.” Therefore, knowledge of the gospel should be an explosion in the camp of the enemy and not an implosion within the camp of God’s people.


Denominationalism says, “You’re a Jew. I’m a Samaritan. What fellowship have we?”


Doctrinairism says, “You say God is to be worshiped at the temple in Jerusalem, but we disagree; God is to be worshiped at Mount Gerizim in Samaria”.


Kingdom Christianity says, “There are no more Jews nor Gentiles but all are one, joint-heirs, in Christ.

There was a shift in the headquarters of worship. It’s not at a physical location, you can now worship God with your heart, anywhere and everywhere. The true worshipers will worship the Father “in Spirit and in truth”.


Therefore, I present to you, Denominational Christianity, Doctrinal Christianity and Kingdom Christianity. The ball is in your court!


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Yemi Adekunle

Yemi Adekunle is a teacher and a prolific writer who is passionate for purposeful living and excellence. He shares biblical inspirational insights with youths and goal-driven individuals. He has earned a degree from the Nation's Premier University, University of Ibadan where he graduated with distinction in Pharmacy. Yemi also keeps a watchful eye on humanitarian needs, community development and youth work through a non-profit organization where he serves as a project coordinator

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