is an online platform aimed at reaching the globe with the word of God. We serve teens, youth, parents, and leaders by producing innovative content and providing resources that people can relate with, everywhere.
It is a website for those who want the best out of life, those who want to put God first in the grit of real life and live beyond themselves.


To be a source of sound and reliable life applicable Truth from God’s word to young people


Our mission is to provide a place where the youth can go to find true, hope-renewing, and grace-embracing perspectives on matters that affect daily living.

To create an archive where people can always go to find perspectives, developing a culture that honours God.

To help people see how God’s Word is the one-stop place for life’s needs.

To give Generation Next (which will include our children) a place to look for answers when they have questions, insights when they are confused, fresh air when they are weary and refreshment when they are thirsty rather than pushing them out there for the world to feed.

To share the essentials of Christianity in everyday language so that young people at all stages are prepared for the life of faith.

To help young people renew their minds without shouting down their ideas or making them feel something is wrong with them.

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of Lifewords is to equip young people and those that work with them such that, they also, can more effectively equip others; reaching more people until the whole world knows that the Christian faith is reliable, important and relevant to their lives (life-applicable).