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It is the desire of every graduate to get a good, comfortable and well-paying job. Nobody wants to sit at home and watch others go to work early in the morning and come back late at night and most of all we all desire to be financially independent. Having said that, we experience shock and disappointment when we eventually start our jobs. The colleagues, the boss, the structure, all appears to be different from what we thought. Many of us like me struggle with pleasing our boss, esteem issues (Like I didn’t know I had serious esteem issues until I started working) and so many other challenges.

One very important thing I have learnt so far, in my short working experience is to have a right attitude. Like I can’t over emphasize this.  Attitude is everything. You need to have the right attitude on your job, towards your boss, colleagues and even customers.  Never take on a job and not truly care for the growth of the organization.

There are days your boss may be upset with you and you will not even understand why, there are times your efforts will go unnoticed and unappreciated.  How then do you cope with all these? For some people the next thing on their mind is searching for a new job and resigning. But you are not even sure that were you are going will be any better.

My advice to young people building their career is to be humble and very prayerful. This days humility among youths is fast becoming a rare trait. Everybody wants to say their mind and express themselves without caution. At some point I started feeling like it was better to have my own organization so that I can do what I like and not work for anybody. Like that was just pride knocking on the door of my heart (Not like I even knew what business to go into) It is important to be humble so that you can learn as much as possible before changing jobs. This helps you build capacity that can never be taken away from you.

As for being prayerful I can boldly say that this has saved me from a lot of troubles, and even when I get into trouble when I pray about it, the heat simmers down.  In situations where you don’t understand why your boss is acting the way he/she is acting or nothing you do seems to satisfy them, before you run off to resigning, pray for guidance. Ask God to help you. The bible says that the heart of a king is in God’s hands. So that boss no matter how difficult he/she may be has his heart in God’s hands and God is able to touch and turn it in the direction that he wants. You also need prayer in your day to day activities at work. It helps you avoid mistakes and be excellent at your job.

You might not be where you want to be now but just know you are building capacity, your roots are going deeper and your hands are getting bigger to handle bigger assignments, your mind is getting more mature and you are learning and growing every day.

I pray that God guides us and grants us favour in our various work places in Jesus Name. Amen.


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Lois Oluwatosin Tioluwani is a graduate of Covenant University from the department of Sociology. She loves to read, write and listen to music. She loves to care for and encourage people. God is literally her life. Without him she is nothing. It's in him she lives, moves and has her being.

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