My Spouse of 29years

I had admired this couple from a distance, and when I had the privilege to attend their 29th anniversary get-together, I did an impromptu interview to hear a bit of their story. I hope you can learn something from them.

Enjoy your read…

black-older-couple1What has it been like these past 29 years?

My spouse and I complement each other. When I proposed to her, I told her I wanted a home and not a house, and she has given me a home.

We’ve been through the good, the bad and the ugly, but it’s been rosy all these years, because together we’ve been able to overcome all our issues. We never allowed any issue get escalated. At times we would have a little misunderstanding in our bedroom, most times in low tones, yet once we come out, you’ll never know. It’s a skill we learnt, to keep our secrets top secret, and avoid any intervention from a third party.

Our career skills also influenced our bond and the way we do business. Being a salesman who closed a lot of deals, and my wife an accountant who’s  also an auditor, she brought with her a high sense of  discipline and thoroughness in dotting the I’s  and crossing the T’s. So I’m a go-getter and she’s the finisher 🙂, we are good business partners; we’re a great couple and we watch out for each other’s back.


Was there any point you felt why did I marry her?

At all!!!

I decided from the beginning that I was going to marry from my hometown and when I finally found my wife, I was determined to make things work.

I lived life being conscious of my spouse and did all I could to make life beautiful for her.

I can say there was never any room for regrets because I was determined to marry her and I made up my mind to make it work no matter the cost.


What kept you going these years?

Husband: In the early years of our marriage, I had to travel a lot because of my job, and at times I’d be away for many days. I would lodge in the best hotels every time I travelled so I can say I was as free as air, but I never took advantage of my freedom to mess around. I’ve always had my wife’s interest to protect. So that in a way has kept us going.

accountability road sign illustration design over a white backgroundWife: when I was leaving my father’s house, he made it clear that I no longer had a place in his house. This gave me a sense of value for my new home. I also had a sense of regard and accountability to some key people in my life apart from my husband who I respect a lot. I would look at things and imagine how my husband and these people will be disappointed if I acted or behaved in certain ways. So I had this strong sense of accountability that helped put me in check when necessary.


What do you advice the younger ones?

Follow your heart and let God direct you in choosing your spouse.

When you get married, it’s for better and for worse. So you need to learn to understand your partner and learn the skill of effectively handling whatever issues that may come up in your marriage. For me, I don’t like making troubles, so I know the best way to air my opinions on certain issues I don’t really agree with my husband on is to be suggestive, not confrontational. Learn the art of approaching issues peacefully, it always works. Be determined that no issue will make your marriage cave in.

 chores-and-couples1-272x161Have this in mind; it’s always better and cheaper to avoid conflicts than mend the walls that will result from your lack of discretion in handling differences. For instance when you use strong words and act in certain ways because you’re angry, it might take more to resolve such issues because of the deep cuts you must have inflicted on your spouse through your words and actions.

Embrace healthy dialogue!


Hope you learned from this couple. Please feel free to drop your comments below. Moreover you can drop some helpful tips for a health relationship/marriage.


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    Lovely piece… Concrete advice that cannot be overemphasised! Thank you!

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