It’s been argued that one of the basic wants of people is happiness- which is an evidence of peace but reality shows that there is no peace anywhere but war everywhere. Well, peace doesn’t mean absence of war or lack of fear, but a valiantly exuding heart, profusely glowing with joy because of unusual conviction and assurance of victory over life’s sorrow and bitterness. How can we know peace on earth? You may want to dive a little deeper.

peaceOn my way from fellowship one beautiful evening, I saw a poster by the Department of Music – University of Ibadan tagged PEACE ON EARTH. Joy struck my heart and peace flooded my veins. I could not link the peace to a season but to a person. It was the presence of Christ that afforded peace on earth. Therefore, peace is all about Him.

It takes the Prince of Peace to give peace. And His peace is not limited to a place or a season of the year. This is because “of the increase of His government and of peace, there shall be no end”. There are two major pronouncements that have stuck to the earth like curse over the millennia:

   1. Woe unto the Earth (Revelation 12:12)

The earth wasn’t intended to be a home of sorrow. God planted a beautiful Eden on earth, an awesome atmosphere of His presence where uninterrupted fellowship took place with the Father. There was peace on earth and even leopard knew that. The earth that God created was good and characteristically peaceful.

The man of sin authored sorrow and pain into the world. The root of this was the disobedience to God’s word when the devil deceived mankind. Since the day Satan was defeated in heaven and hurled down to earth, he became a perpetrator of sorrow. His presence has robbed the earth peace and justice.

   2. Peace on Earth (Luke 2:14)

The Prince of Peace triumphed when he “disarmed powers and authorities. He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross”. Then He became the Eternal Author of Peace. He’s the long awaited King of Peace, the perfect High Priest of the New Covenant and the golden Prophet to the world. The brightness of His coming lights the sky. The radiance of His glory brings joy. The scriptures foretold of His eternal peaceful government. Earth’s lost peace was restored. By His love, He healed us; by His blood He saved us; by His name He empowered us; by His Spirit He sealed us.

There is peace in every heart Jesus rules. Hidden darkness is lightened up. He becomes the Restorer of hope and the Redeemer of His people. Democracy is wonderful as a man-made system of government but inherently lacks the ability to engender peace. If the world needs peace let it see Jesus; peace for all men He affords.

Merry Christmas!


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Yemi Adekunle

Yemi Adekunle is a teacher and a prolific writer who is passionate for purposeful living and excellence. He shares biblical inspirational insights with youths and goal-driven individuals. He has earned a degree from the Nation's Premier University, University of Ibadan where he graduated with distinction in Pharmacy. Yemi also keeps a watchful eye on humanitarian needs, community development and youth work through a non-profit organization where he serves as a project coordinator

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