Phone Fever

A few weeks ago, this guy felt deprived and limited ‘cos he couldn’t use his phone to communicate. Initially it was like this deprivation was gonna be forever, ‘He won’t be able to communicate with important people…’ But wait, he said to himself; “Is my phone more important than oxygen? Is it really something I can’t do without? If it was stolen, would my life end?”


So I was in a service where the pastor defined idolatry as anything that comes first before/over God. At that point I could see how my phone contests my attention with God.

I’m in Church and my phone is on silent/vibrate, I see an incoming call, I know who it is, someone important, then I’m torn between staying in service and breezing out to answer the call.


I use my phone as a bible, when in church, a little here and a little there, before long I peruse the social media and balance back as though I had been following the sermon. My hands stay glued to my phone as if it were my sixth finger… distractions and more distractions.


These scenarios might relate to you and might not, just pause and examine your lifestyle. What is the average hours you spend on your phone daily? what takes most of your time, are you so attached to your phone that nothing else matters,  then you need to watch it and take caution as fast as possible.

I’m not saying it’s wrong to own a phone and be tech-savvy, but hey, draw the line fast. Don’t let anything get in the way of fellowship, don’t make an idol out of nothing.

Some of us rush prayer and bible study only to pay more attention to our phone; chatting, playing games and surfing the net, some even stop praying because of a phone call. Hey, that’s really an unhealthy practice for a Christian. Set out quality time to pray, when you’ll most likely not be distracted, especially if you run busy schedules. Early in the morning could be a great idea, this was Jesus’ practice.

Your phone is one of many gadgets that you own and will ever own, it’s just a tool for use, so OWN it, don’t let it own or control you, control it instead.

NEVER make an idol of anything or anyone!

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