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Have you ever been in a situation where you knew you could do something to make things better? But you said to yourself, ‘well it’s not my job, it’s not my duty, neither is it my business?’

Some of us are like that, some choose to play safe at work. And maybe say after all I’m just a …, someone else is being paid for that job. I’m just gonna let it slide and act as though it’s not my business. Are you that guy who sits at his desk doing only what he’s told to do? Doing just one thing (because you’re not paid much money, so no need to do more than you’re paid for)? I’m not saying you should take up another man’s task at work, you might create enemies for yourself by doing this.

I’m saying ‘add value’, be good at your job. Put a touch of excellence into your daily tasks, a little more flavor to your work (in a bid to add value) won’t harm you. Your outstanding performance on the job might be all your employer needs to give you a pay raise. Even when others don’t get, or even promote you over your colleagues.

Do you believe you’ve added more value than that guy who got promoted over you? Be sincere to yourself.

Let’s see a story from the bible, it’s the ‘parable of the talents’.


Three guys were given talents, two added value and increased the talents given to them, but one failed to. Instead he kept it and returned it the same way he had been given (Matthew 25:24-27).

Some might say, after all he was a faithful guy, he gave back what he received, unhampered and in good condition. But hey, the master saw it differently, he wanted value (but this guy didn’t add it). He was regarded a wicked and lazy servant.

No matter where you are, irrespective of your position, make things better than you met them. Seek to add value, be a blessing everywhere you go.

P.s – You might have been the best, worked so hard, added much value. But you’re not recognized in your present workplace. Don’t be discouraged. You’ve labored. Your rewards can come in another location, another workplace. In this case, it might not be about where you’ve sown (labored), but what you’ve sown. Commit your situation to God through prayer, your reward will surely come.

Make sure you’re not working with eye-service but do your work as unto God (Colossians 3:22). I know sometimes it may look as if eye-service works for some, but hey eye-service might not take you far. As a child of God, work with your heart bearing in mind that promotion comes from God.


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Ozioma Michaels

Mike is passionate about helping people know the truth, understand why they should believe and practice it in all areas of their personal lives; thereby living out their faith in Christ. His favourite word is ‘conviction’

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