So… Let Him

I let myself go…embrace1
I release myself from the clutches of my past and from the shadows of my memories…
I refuse to stay stuck in one place…
I choose You…
Use this heart for your glory
Use these hands to display you
Use these lips to glorify you
Whatever it is you want to do with this body, do…
Whatever message you have to send across through this soul, by all means go ahead

I never realized how much I held back…
Afraid that people will make fun of me and say
“This sinner!”, How dare she proclaim God’s name?
I forgot all of a sudden
About the woman at the well who had loads of stuff to deal with
But she proclaimed his name…
She didn’t feel clean
She didn’t feel the spirit move
She knew she had spoken to the Messiah
And she believed his word…
That anyone who comes to him, will He save

Whether thousands have been murdered through you- remember Paul
Whether men have had their way in all ways, think of Rahab
Whether lies and deceit throw you around, think of Abraham…
Whether the love of women has consumed you- think of David,
Whether insecurity and fear make you hide your face, think of Peter…
Whether you hate your fellow friends who seem to have the peace you don’t, think of Paul again….
We all make mistakes,
But He is beyond all that
Those are small stuff as far as he is concerned…

Let Him…
He is not complaining, why should you?
He has forgiven you…why hold back?
He has accepted you, why feel rejected?
His acceptance is worth more than a million kudos from friends and family…
So, let Him.

Written By:Oyinkan Ige
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Oyinkansola Ige

Oyinkansola Ige is a lover of literature, music, and everything artistic. She has a flair for writing, reading, project management and singing. She loves to read, crochet and write in her spare time.

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