Thailand: The Land of Smiles


I spent a wonderful few days in Phuket (pronounced “Poo-ket”), Thailand and was just amazed by the awesomeness of God. I am not sure that I have seen such beauty anywhere else. The island of Phuket is blessed with breathtaking views and stunning natural beauty. The distinctly Southeast Asian architecture is absolutely intriguing too. I could almost weep at how close to perfect the beauty in Phuket is; I felt so small in the face of such amazing work of God. Words cannot express the beauty so I will cease trying. See for yourself in the pictures below, and let’s note that these pictures were taken on my phone’s camera and are completely unretouched or filtered.

Thailand 1

Morning view from my room


Thailand 2


Thailand 3


Thailand 4


Thailand 5


Thailand 6


Thailand 7


Thailand 8


Thailand 9

Sunset in Phuket


Thailand 10


Thailand 11


Thailand 12

Phang Nga Bay


Thailand 13


Thailand 14



Thailand 15



Thailand 16


These few pictures do not do Phuket any justice but I hope you get the idea. Two more things that I have to mention: the food and the people. By now, you may know that I love food, and some may consider me a foodie. Thailand has amazing food! But even beyond that, I think the fruits in Phuket deserve special mention. I had the best fruits in Phuket. The pineapples and watermelons were so sweet and fresh!! I do not know that I can bear to eat pineapples yet because they probably will not live up to the expectations that Phuket set.

After my group trip through India, I decided to travel solo to Phuket, and I met some truly spectacular people. It is one of the things I consider the joys of solo travel. While in Phuket, I went for a tour of Phang Nga Bay with this tour company. Before I got on the boat, some ladies asked me if I was travelling by myself and offered their assistance if I needed anything. As it turned out, they were a group of seven Thai women (of different ages from about 26 to 43) from Bangkok, Thailand who were spending some vacation time on the island. I ended up spending the day with the Seven Wonders, as they call themselves, and I had a great time. These women embody the principle of living life and having fun, while still being purposeful in life. They were incredibly generous, looked out for me, and included me wholly in the group. I was, and still am, inspired by these women and their passion for life and ability to create fun out of even seemingly ordinary moments.

Thailand was such an incredible experience, and I hope to see other parts of the country in the near future, probably starting with Bangkok to visit the Seven Wonders 🙂


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