UnhappyMen anger when they lack financial resources,

To pull them through the ardors of their day

Women weep when they lack offspring,

To be proofs of their fertility and fruitfulness


Children compare themselves with one another,

Oh! He has a pen better than mine,

Her hair is longer than mine.

Somehow, an illusion of lack has been created,

And false mirrors of lack seen as a bad thing have been built up


But it’s in our lack that we realize we are not complete in the things of this world.

It is in our lack we see that it is useless to compare..

What you have in bounty might be what someone strongly lacks

What you lack so much might be the source of another’s wealth map.


It is in our lack we can decide to genuinely appreciate what we have,

It is in our lack we realize that without Him, we are undone,

It is in our lack we learn to lean on a higher power,

A supernatural, Higher dimension of ourselves.


Our lack draws us closer to what we possess,

Our lack makes us grateful other than complainers,

Our lack brings out the beauty He has made us into,

Our lack makes us decide to be satisfied,…no…content with what we have

Afterall, contentment indeed is great gain.



There’s a beauty in lack.

Just like there’s a beauty in the worst of us,

A beauty in the weakest of us,

So there is a beauty of lack


In lack,

You can decide to be grateful for the things you have been given…




For indeed,





Written By: Oyinkan Ige

Image Source: Google Images





Oyinkansola Ige

Oyinkansola Ige is a lover of literature, music, and everything artistic. She has a flair for writing, reading, project management and singing. She loves to read, crochet and write in her spare time.

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