The good old days

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What will you say about your life twenty to thirty years from now? Would you be proud of your youth or would you feel it was wasted?

Your youth is the time of your life when you’re young, it’s between childhood and adulthood. The youth is usually characterized with strength, vigor and spirit. This is a stage where you can make significant impact on the rest of your life, either good or bad.

I believe the phrase ‘catch them young’ is not bizarre to you. It’s representative of the notion that the outcome of a man’s life can be influenced at an early stage, and I can’t agree more.

Your ‘youth’ is very important and goes a long way in influencing your latter days.

The youth wants to enjoy and experiment; either good or bad. The youth is usually curious and wants to unravel everything that is sealed on their path. But we can avoid mistakes when we seek wise counsel from people that have gone ahead of us.

For instance, King Solomon agreed that life is good and should be enjoyed, but he also made it clear that whatever we do, whatever experiments we carry out with our lives 🙂 one day we will give account to our creator.

Glean wisdom from these words;

It is good to be alive. It is nice to see the light from the sun. You should enjoy every day of your life, no matter how long you live. But remember that you will die, and you will be dead much longer than you were alive. And after you are dead, you cannot do anything. So young people, enjoy yourselves while you are young. Be happy. Do whatever your heart leads you to do. Do whatever you want, but remember that God will judge you for everything you do. Don’t let your anger control you, and don’t let your body lead you to sin. People do foolish things in the dawn of life while they are young.

Remember your Creator while you are young, before the bad times come–before the years come when you say, “I have wasted my life.” Eccl. 11:7-10, 12:1

So here’s the question: can you boldly say you’ve given God your strength and vigor, have you poured out your youth into knowing God and pleasing HIM? Remember, times will come when you’ll no longer have such strength, you may not have that spirit, that energy, that skill, that will power. Hey! I’m not saying that your getting born again early or the intimacy you develop with God as a youth will keep you when you’re older even if you become cold or lukewarm. I’m saying; a good start can help a great deal.

Don’t go about experimenting with your life, fulfilling youthful lusts and exuberance. Rather, seek to know God, invest into building your stamina in Christ, that’s the only way to truly remain relevant here on earth and after this life. Remember that there’s another life after your present life; one you’ll remain in forever, either in hell or in heaven, it’s always going to be your choice.




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