The Principles of Cash floooow!!!


The principles of cash flow must be well understood too. There should be a monthly inward flow of money.
“You don’t need a Professional Accounting Certification to know that when you visit the ATM more than you go over the counter to deposit, you are nearing the RED mark!
A high level of financial prudence, or (call it discipline) is required to maintain a good cash flow. As a matter of concern, caution must be taken to ensure you never spend 100% of any inward flow of funds. It’s not a healthy financial habit.

As a matter of practice, you could device an *Income Disbursement/Expenditure Formula* (IDEF) that clearly shows spendable from non-spendable in percentages.
For example: Tithe- 10%, Saving- 30%, Investments 20%, spendable- 30% all of these must be tailored to suit your personal financial goals which must be yearly stated, FIRST before you begin earning any sum of money.
Learn to always earmark clearly how much will be saved up on a constant basis (weekly, monthly, depending on your financial earning structure) and kept for wealth accumulation.

Don’t be afraid to start small….

You will need to understand the power of small beginnings. What you call BIG is simply small+small+small+small and yet another small. 50=10+10+10+5+5+5+5.
If you can be faithful in little, Jesus says you are faithful in much, in other words, it’s never about the volume, it’s in the attitude!!!
“God is not against small beginnings, He is only against small endings ”.
God at a point had only one son and by adopting the right strategies and with PATIENCE, He now has millions and hundreds of millions of them- by the power of small beginnings.
We start small to grow BIG. Every building starts from the bottom up, the only thing that starts from top downwards like someone rightly said is a burial site. There is nothing with life in it that ever refuses to grow.
With tenacious efforts and principled behaviour, financial dominion is attainable.
As a rule of the thumb!!!
Never join the bandwagon of those who criticize the legitimately rich. As I am aware, there are those who got to some place by fraudulent means. Never criticize the rich- you’ll never attract what you criticize. It’s a law. If you ever find someone who wants money for doing nothing, he is stealing- only thieves barge into people’s homes to pick up things of value without solving a problem or meeting a need. Every legitimately rich person you find has mastered the art of meeting the needs of others and solving their problems.
Having said all of these, even as I know there’s more to share, I will ask that you ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to what needs you should be meeting and what problems you have been equipped to solve.
I patiently await your good reports as we move on to the next set of discoveries, #beforeYouTurn25

Written By: @ToluOresanya



Toluwalope Oresanya

Toluwalope is passionate about personal development and passing across such development initiatives to those around him. In furtherance of his continuous drive for people, he has continued to build competences in the areas of writing, speaking and mentoring, he has has a goal to ensure everyone who comes close enough to him is not left the same. As a trained Communicator and Entrepreneur, he has developed the ability to execute business processes effectively in attaining set standards; He spends most of his quiet time observing and conducting extended researches.

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