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When it comes to your health, be a warrior every day.

So I decided to write this article on health and fitness, not because I consider myself a professional on the topic. I am better at teaching mathematics and further mathematics 🙂 not how to keep fit and eat right or go on a diet. However, there are some things I have learnt from my life and experiences recently in this aspect which I want to share with you.

When it comes to health, I consider myself to be a very strong and healthy young adult. In the past fifteen years, I cannot remember being admitted in the hospital and even if I had to take medications (which I absolutely hate), it was usually either malaria tablets or paracetamol. My dad also has always affirmed that I am a very strong healthy child of his and he has no fears about me whatsoever with regard to my health, no matter how far apart I live from him.

With this in mind, I have not always taken matters of health and healing as seriously as I have other things like faith, prayer or the Holy Spirit. For instance, in my book collection, I possess only two books on healing/health out of approximately a hundred. While attending church as a student, I did not give much attention to some Sunday services tagged ‘Covenant Day of Healing’ because to be honest, I believed I had already naturally ‘conquered’ in that area and it was more relevant for some others than for me. I didn’t really focus on Scripture verses on healing and health in the Bible, let alone try to memorize or meditate on them.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that some things are more important than others in spiritual matters. My understanding had been that when you are born again, you receive the gift of salvation which contains many packages including healing, health and wholeness. I believed that I was already walking in the reality of my divine health and wholeness and it was forever automatic.

However, in the past six weeks, I have been so challenged in my health than I have been at any other point in my life. I had an appointment with the doctor and I’m still recuperating. I have had to play scriptures on healing on my laptop and confess them time and again. In retrospect, I have learnt some lessons which I will take away from this episode of events. One of which is this:

You don’t prepare for war during war time; you prepare in advance, in the time of peace.

In other words, if you are like me and you have been taking your health for granted, stop it! Don’t wait till you fall ill and you are on a hospital bed to memorize verses on health and affirm that you are healed and sickness has no place in your body. Do this as part of your daily confession. Meditate on verses on health and healing and read books such as ‘The Healing Balm by Bishop Oyedepo’ on the same subject. Listen to messages regularly on divine health and wholeness. From time to time, do a personal study on healing and health and declare your stand.

With respect to fitness and exercise, I don’t believe it is alright to be spiritually fit and bodily unfit. 1 Timothy 4:8 says “Physical training is good, but training for godliness is much better, promising benefits in this life and in the life to come.”  So while it is more beneficial to stay spiritually fit, the complete package comes when you are also intentional about your health and fitness. For some people, this means that you need to register in a gym this month and stay committed to a lifestyle of exercise. For others, it might mean to drink at least two gallons of water each day to keep hydrated and improve your physical performance and appearance. Whatever it takes, be more intentional about your health and fitness. Make that move; don’t wait till you fall ill and the doctor says to you about your health:

Choose-healthy-eating-over-dieting‘You need to lose weight or else…’

Delete the high sugary drinks from your daily intake. If you are single, this is a good time to delete habits from your lifestyle that you don’t want your children in future to emulate. Cultivate a lifestyle of exercise and healthy eating that you can be proud to show your children.

Remember, you don’t prepare for battle in the time of war. You prepare during the time of peace. Be a warrior every day. Don’t wait to get ready. Live ready!


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Ogechi Ogazi

Ogechi Shalom Ogazi is a young lady who loves God, loves people and loves life. She is passionate about education and she's on a mission to bring quality education to children in hugely undeserved areas. Having obtained her first degree at Covenant University, she is now pursuing her Master's degree in Education Leadership and Management at Manchester Metropolitan University.

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