Are you currently at a crossroad- unsure of which way to go or where to turn to? The Lord speaks to your heart by HIS SPIRIT and that’s the way to go. This should just be your breakthrough right? Sure it should, but you’ll have to take that step. One thing is sure; God created us and gave us freewill to make our choices. You can take an advice or you leave it. HE has never forced anything on us, if not I believe HE would have forced the whole world to be saved, cos HE wishes we all repent (2 Peter 3:9).

Now back to the matter.

You want to hear God speak to you, are you willing to obey?

You desire direction from the Spirit of God, but are you willing to follow?

You want God to use you, are you willing to submit to HIM as your Lord, even though you’ve confessed HIM so?

At times we desire things from God, and HE shows up, but the big question is are we always ready to cooperate? Take an example, a young man asked Jesus what he could do to have eternal life, Jesus’ answer shocked him, it looked difficult for him, so he just had to walk away (Matt. 19:16-23). There was a solution but he wasn’t willing to take it.

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I pray the Lord grants you grace to obey him.

There are examples of persons who left fishing and followed Jesus, taking up a greater assignment as Christ requested (Matt. 4:18-20).

Abraham also obeyed God and left his country when God told him to (Gen.12:1-4), and he walked in obedience at other times still (Gen.22:1-18).

Just picture this: Abraham was aged and established, he probably lived comfortably, and God asked Abraham to leave all that and follow HIM to an undisclosed destination. That’s leaving certainty for uncertainty. How difficult do you imagine that might have been? The beautiful part is that he obeyed and we know the outcome.

Beloved, no matter the circumstances, no matter how difficult, it pays to obey God.

God created the world, HE is omnipresent by HIS Holy Spirit, HE is all-knowing, all-loving, so why do you think HE will mislead you?

Stop analyzing HIS instructions, and obey him, no matter how unconventional it may sound; how painful it may be; how uncomfortable it may seem and how scary it looks. Know that HE cares for and loves you, God’s interest should supersede yours. You were created for HIS pleasure (Rev.4:11). Just step out in obedience today and let God be glorified.

At times it’s very easy to obey and you do, at other times it might be haaarrrrrrddddddd, God knows and feels you, but obedience is key.

I trust God for grace for unconditional obedience at all times. Please help me God.


At this point, if you haven’t started already, why not spend some time praying in the Spirit over that issue and receive strength and peace to obey that Biggggggg leading of the Holy Spirit.

Step out in faith and act as GOD has led you to.


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Thanks for taking out time to read this.

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