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An elderly woman, while describing me to someone else a year ago, mentioned that she noticed I had the ability to know everything I desired to about something or someone without saying a word to the person being observed. I consider this to be extremely true, I will weave my next line of thought around an observation I made recently.

For many months, I wondered why three men working in the same department of the same company and paid the same yearly lived on three different planes; their families were exact opposites- for one family, there just seemed to be so much funds to play around with, the other had so much done for his kids and the third seemed to have nothing debited into his account monthly. I wondered for many months until it dawned on me one evening- it’s all about value!

Naturally, what you consider to be most valuable or important will pull the most resources from you-time, energy, money etc. In integrating this to our subject of discussion, it is important not to regard walking with the Holy Spirit as a hobby- something outside your regular occupation which mostly is done to gain pleasure or relax.

No husband or wife loves to be related with on the basis of relaxation or pleasure only- they seek to be part of every aspect of your life- and I mean every!

Walking with the Holy Spirit is a full time job- not something you do when you remember or after a hot sermon on Sunday morning or Tuesday evening. The Holy Spirit wants to be involved in every aspect of your life and this must drive your response to him- Get Him involved in everything.

I took a retrospective look at several aspects of my life and I discovered that those aspects with much stability were those I had related with the Holy Spirit freely on- the other aspects needing help were those I felt I had grip on and could handle on my own.

In my final semester in the University, I was meant to defend my final thesis and based on what I had heard ‘that a member of one’s panel could crush all one’s efforts’ I asked the Holy Spirit to tell me (like He always does) who and who was on my panel well ahead of time. For almost a month, I got no response, so I perceived a miracle was being worked out. That great day came, as I stood on my feet first thing in the morning, I saw in a split second all four members of my defense panel- Immediately I knew it was not a good combination so I spoke to the Holy Spirit who is always interested in everything about this- asking for His help.

On my way to the Defense Panel I saw some of my colleagues who had gone an hour earlier to check the recently pasted Panel listing. “May God help you o! We’ve seen the list” *in a sarcastic tone* was their good morning greeting. I gave no reply, but kept my faith in the ability of the Spirit of God.

I was the third person to be interviewed- having observed the moods of the first two students coming out from the panel- I knew the ‘Antagonist’ member of the panel was at work and having a filled day! My faith in the ability of the Holy Spirit seemed to be my only saving grace at that point. As I stepped towards the door knob, here was the ‘Antagonist’ holding the handle on his way out while receiving a call. God worked in such a way that the call didn’t end until I was coming out of the Defense panel happily, then he returned- I did have an excellent grade because I involved the Holy Spirit in the process.

My point here today is that you place much value on what can become of your relationship with the Holy Spirit and let that fuel the passion on the inside for a more intimate and thriving relationship with God.

In my next post, I’ll discuss how knowledge fuels the intimacy drive- be on the lookout!


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