‘Vision 2016’ for the family

Happy New Year to you!

It’s still early in 2016 and so, I believe that lots of personal plans have been written down, New Year resolutions made and possibly vision boards created. This is indeed a great time to get out a journal and write down the goals, aspirations and plans you may have for the year.

bins-choosing-720x405While this is important on a personal level, I also believe it is important that parents do this on behalf of the family. What I mean is that as the father or mother (especially fathers) of the family, you should take out time to share your vision for the New Year with the family as regards the entire family and each individual. It could be a word from the Lord you have received, or your comprehensive goals/expectations and family projects that you trust the Lord for in the year 2016 or a combination of both. Let them have a sense of direction they are expected to follow throughout the year. Even if they are not all physically located in the same place, thank God forFacebook, Skype and WhatsApp calls- use technology as the medium to pass your message across. The question is: ‘As the head of your family, do you have a vision, plan or set of expectations for your family this 2016?’ If yes, then ensure that you do well to share it with them no matter how young your children are. Trust me, it will help to set the tone of events for your family this 2016 and by the end of the year, when you reconvene as a family, you will have more than enough blessings to count. If no, then it’s not too late to get your act together.

praying-familyInterestingly, when I was a child and during my teenage years, I remember my dad would set out the last few days of the year for some sort of compulsory family prayer and fasting. Sometimes, he would take us on a trip far away from home where we would camp for some days. While we usually enjoyed the road trip at first, I did not quite understand why we were made to be without food until a certain time of the day and what we were supposed to be doing in the space of time. We usually had Bible study sessions intermingled with prayers. Then on the final day, we would have this long ‘Vision Sunday’ or whatever day of the week it was. This was a meeting during which rules and regulations, academic expectations, prayer requests and financial plans were shared with the children. Fast forward to 2016, now I have more understanding, and I am eternally grateful to God and to my parents for those vision-sharing meetings. In retrospect, I believe that those meetings greatly have helped in shaping the course of my life and the person I am becoming. I am even planning to carry on the tradition to my family when I get married. I believe my other three siblings share the same perspective.

So if you are reading this and you are a parent- or an aspiring parent, I believe that having a vision for your family and sharing it with them early on in the year and in the early stages of their lives will help them greatly. And remember to share the word with your friends who are also parents or aspiring ones. I hope you have had a happy reading. Again, I wish you a very visionary Happy New Year!



Written By: Ogechi Ogazi

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Ogechi Ogazi

Ogechi Shalom Ogazi is a young lady who loves God, loves people and loves life. She is passionate about education and she's on a mission to bring quality education to children in hugely undeserved areas. Having obtained her first degree at Covenant University, she is now pursuing her Master's degree in Education Leadership and Management at Manchester Metropolitan University.

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