Wisdom Tip #5 – Walk by Discernment

Your emotion is often interwoven with your mood, temperament, personality, disposition, and motivation. If all your actions were based on your emotions at any time, what do you think the outcome will be? If you reacted in anger, do you think your judgement would be sound?

walk by discernment

Decision making and judging from your senses and emotions could be costly for a believer. Learn to discern God’s will and walk in it by the Spirit within you.

We see something amazing in Matthew 16.

Peter spoke by revelation when he talked about Jesus’ identity (Matt. 16:16-17). The same Peter later spoke by the flesh (Matt. 16:23). Take a minute and look at Peter’s response. He seemed empathetic, Peter showed concern; ‘how will someone he loved have to die’. But what seemed to be an expression of concern turned out to be against God’s will. Jesus had to die and pay a ransom for sin, so that whoever believes in Him would be saved. That was God’s will, nothing short of that. So you can appreciate why Peter’s empathy was not welcome.

Imagine Jesus wasn’t discerning. One guy, speaks by the Holy Spirit once, yet speaks from the flesh another time.


Here’s what to take away;

1) You need to know what God’s will is. Only then can you know when you hear or see something contrary.

A major way to know God’s will is by studying the bible. You can have a rich study when you

  • Study with different translations,
  • Study with good bible commentaries
  • Study scriptures by books and in context (for instance study the book of Acts).

2) Learn to walk by discernment. Place God’s will above your feelings and emotions.

It could be costly to be emotion-led, rather than Spirit-led.

Whenever you get a message, discern the motive and spirit behind it. Do this irrespective of who the messenger is.

Be sensitive.


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