Dear 90’s Baby #15

Dear 90’s Baby,


I love the confidence and assertiveness that people in my generation have developed. I have no doubt that it will set us apart from those that have gone before us. However, I am very concerned about our attitude these days. And as you know, I will rather lend my voice to the conversation than sit back and watch.

What do you think of the phrase ‘what you honor, you attract’?

Have you noticed how some people just seem favored? Look at many honorable people today. It’s not like they say things no one has ever heard, or they have special powers. They are just ordinary people that God has honored. They are loved and respected by many. Instead of trying to show that you are not moved by their wisdom, or particularly appreciative of them, choose to honor them in your heart. You have nothing to prove and even if you did, remember that it’s honorable to show honor.

It’s honorable to show honor but how?

Check your heart.

The root of attitude is inward, the fruits are outward.

You may be hailing someone publicly and saying things like ‘I covet your grace sir’, ‘When I grow up, I want to be like you ma’, and so on. See, if you do not honor these people in your heart, you are just wasting your words. God is the giver of all these things and if He doesn’t give you, you won’t have it but don’t stand in the way of your own blessing. Some people will live long, not because they covet long life, but because they treat elderly people well, respect them, and make life easier for them. Some people will be honorable just because somebody they honored prayed for them.

It’s that simple; what you honor, you attract. What do you say?

Your favourite 90’s Baby,
– Tolu


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I appreciate that you read my letters; hope they make a difference 😉



Tolu Michaels

Tolu devotes her life to helping people live truly, connect deeply and love freely. She shares the essentials of the Christian faith in everyday language and has been a speaker at many youth gatherings and discussion groups, encouraging young people to take a stand for the Lord in spite of today’s culture. Tolu serves as the Ministry Director of Godlovers Fellowship and has been featured on Kingdom Times and Lifegiva.

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  1. chinyere
    November 3, 2017 at 8:44 pm

    Thank you ma. I am blessed..response like dear,dearie has now become a common response among youths and also in social hear a teenager reply to an elder ‘thanks dear’..I was not comfortable at first but had to calm down when I discovered it was a new trend.
    I also have this mindset that those without experience or capacity also need to be respected.

    • Tolu Michaels
      November 7, 2017 at 11:51 am

      Chinyere,you’re so right. Everyone deserves to be respected.

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