Where should I pay my First Fruit?

Q: When a man dies, what happens to his spirit and soul? Where do they go?

A: When a man dies, his soul and spirit go to heaven. When Christ comes, the man’s spirit will be reunited with a new body in which he will live forever. “The dead in Christ will rise first…” 1 Thess. 4:16


Q: Who do we pay our first fruit to? The pastor/priest or the church?

A: The truth is, in the New Testament, we do not have any such instruction. The reason I pay first fruit (and encourage people to do so) is to voluntarily and cheerful honour God and to discipline myself to remember that my number one commitment as a Christian is to the gospel and its spread. So, there are no ‘rules’ for voluntary giving. Just make sure the purpose is achieved. Here are some thoughts you might consider helpful


– I could give my first fruit to a missionary. That’d in fact, be an awesome idea.

– I always advice that your giving should primarily be to the ministry where you are being fed spiritually, as partnership for them to be better equipped to bless others as they do you.

– I ‘might’ give my first fruit to a Pastor who serves faithfully in the gospel and is clearly having a hard time having his needs met. Generally speaking, I think it is healthier to give to the Church, especially if the Pastor already earns a salary working there full time.


Q: Is there a great tribulation before the rapture or after the rapture?

A: I don’t know. Both positions have been debated by some of the best scholars you can imagine. But I’d tell you what I know- Jesus is coming, I must tell people about what He has done, when He comes, I’d be with Him forever.


Q: Is it right to attend a church and pay my tithe in another church? Does it matter where it is paid, isn’t it unto the same God no matter?

A: I have two reactions to this question

– First of all, if you attend a church and see the need to tithe with another church, it probably means that you’re attending the wrong church. Many people are sentimental about their choice of a place of worship. They assemble somewhere and are actually being fed elsewhere. I think it’s an unfair thing to put yourself through.


– No. It is not ‘to God’. Your giving empowers ministries to do more ministry. Yes, God notices and rewards your giving. But the money doesn’t get to Him. He doesn’t ‘use’ money. But money will go a long way to help the spread of the gospel. This is why it matters where you partner and why you should do your best to attend the church where you are being blessed.







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