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The demands of an average day have the possibilities of heaping so much pressure on us and eventually, force us into worry. When we come under such pressures, we often are at risk of making very poor decisions. Mind you, being under pressure is one of the enemy’s strategies to allow God’s children make poor decisions, consequences of which keep haunting them for years.

David came under such pressures severally- first when he was pressured to number Israel which was purely against God’s instructions. Similarly, he came under pressure – a strange desire for someone else’s wife. He didn’t pause for a moment to decipher what he was really up to and how much consequences could be the result of the spontaneity of his actions on both occasions.

Whenever you’re pressured, don’t make decisions instantly.

I could well relate with these feelings. I have made two very poor investment decisions in the last few years because I was pressed for time. For one of them in particular, I had only a few hours to make a decision. One thing I didn’t put into consideration, was my knowledge of this line of investment and whether or not I was prepared to ensure my investments were protected and would thereafter yield so much. In a similar scenario, I felt a deep restrain within to ensure I didn’t take a wrong decision, I just didn’t identify that feeling to be something tangible, and most times that’s the case.

wrong decisions

I’d like to share what your response should be whenever you’re pressed for time, when deadlines are staring you in the face, when you have to make an investment decision because the discount window closes in three days, when you want to ask her on a date because you feel she’d be leaving town in a few days and you might never get to see her again.


Warning signals never come as strong as we expect them. They come often in subtle and seemingly insignificant ways- easy to despise and look away from. But really, giving things a little extra moment of careful thought would diffuse the pressure.

Importantly, we need to learn to be comfortable with admitting that we don’t have the answers yet. Looking someone in the face and telling them to hold on (especially when we have the liberty to extend the deadlines) makes us feel incompetent or possibly, increases the chances of being seen as indecisive- just maybe. But then, you’d make better decisions if you would free yourself from getting your happiness from how people would perceive your actions.

I can tell you personally how the pressures of trying to meet up with a perceived standard (which obviously is above what we can confidently produce) could be choking. However,  settle this in your heart- no one’s expectation of you should put you under extreme pressures to the point of making wrong and poor decisions. It’s not worth it!

About a year ago, I spoke to someone who was close to ending her life because of how she felt someone dear to her perceived her. ‘Well… I won’t go that far’ you may say. Believe me it’s not an issue of how far would you go. It’s got everything to do with whether or not you would shift your grounds because someone else (even if they are respected and their opinions are esteemed much) thinks otherwise.

Set yourself free from allowing your life take shape from how you’re perceived externally. Let the Word of God and the witnessing of the Holy Spirit within your heart become the main stay of your soul.

Each time I have been pressed to make a decision after I lost a lot of money in those two scenarios, I have always referred to Isaiah 26:3 to still my heart and tune my ears to the heart of the Lord. God does speak, we don’t get to pick most things He says for two reasons among others. First of all, we are probably too taken by the decision that we feel it’s bigger than what it is (pressure) or secondly, we already have a view and we are simply hoping God says yes to what we already (on our own) feel is the right decision.

Kindly keep in mind how difficult it is to add to a full jar. If you’re still holding on to your views, it might be difficult to discern God’s will. Keep in mind, You are bound to make poor decisions when you come under needless pressure.

Take a moment to understand matters before deciding to take actions…


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